For Immediate Release - January 26, 2010

New Jimdo Feature: Website Creation, Scrapbook Style!

Hamburg, January 26, 2010 - One of the most-requested Jimdo features has arrived at Jimdo today: drag-and-drop website creation. But if you’re picturing that Jimdo’s just added a way to move basic parts of a page around, you’re in for a surprise. As always, Jimdo’s creators set the bar much higher for their product ( they’ve made it even simpler, even clearer, and put Jimdo a step ahead of the competition.


Drag-and-Drop Clipboard

The real innovation for this feature is the Drag- and-Drop Clipboard. This new tool makes it possible for users to move multiple elements onto a clipboard, then place them wherever they want. Users can move photo galleries, Flash elements, text blocks, and videos between pages. The best part: all the elements that are on the clipboard are displayed as they would be on the actual page, they’re easy to order, and quickly accessible. That’s how this easy-to-use website creator is making it even easier for its more than one million users to create their Jimdo sites.


“We know, of course, that we’re not breaking new ground with a drag-and-drop function. But that’s not our goal with this. It’s about integrating this tool in such way that makes it easier–even fun–for users to create their sites.” said Fridtjof Detzner, one of Jimdo’s three founders.

Drag-and-Drop represents Jimdo’s first major development in 2010 for its website builder which is available in eight languages.


About Jimdo

Jimdo -- Pages to the People ( was founded in February 2007 by three young entrepreneurs Christian Springub, Fridtjof Detzner, and Matthias Henze. In 2004 the three founded a company together on an old farmhouse, NorthClick, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Jimdo. The web technology that powers Jimdo was first developed for NorthClick's business clients to edit and update their sites more easily, but frequent requests from friends gave the founders the idea to offer free Jimdo Pages. In August 2009, the 1 millionth Jimdo site went online.


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