For Immediate Release - September 28, 2011

Jimdo QR Codes: Mobile Marketing Made Simple

San Francisco, September 28, 2011 – One of this year’s Internet trends lands at Jimdo today, as the website creator launches simple QR code generation for its users. Starting immediately, the owners of four million Jimdo websites can create custom QR codes for pages on their sites and items in their online store. In doing so, Jimdo puts itself at the forefront of the trend sweeping the world as smartphone usage increases.


82 Million U.S. Smartphone Users

QR codes (quick response codes) work just like barcodes but contain more information. With an app, any smartphone can detect and read them. QR codes usually contain a website URL, email address, or phone number. The small square graphics made of black and white pixels are popping up everywhere – businesses and individuals are using them to connect offline advertisements with online content. It’s not surprising this is trending. After all, in the USA, over 82 million smartphones are in use, while almost 40% of UK mobile subscribers have smartphones [1].


Connecting to Mobile Marketing

"With this QR code feature, we’re giving our users an easy way to get started with mobile marketing," says Jimdo co-founder Fridtjof Detzner. "Jimdo sites are already automatically mobile-optimized – giving our customers a simple way to make QR codes is the next logical step. Without having to use an external service, Jimdo users can create QR codes for their website, specific pages, or even special products in their online store – whatever they want advertise offline."


Traditional Advertising With a 21st Century Twist

Flyers, business cards, print ads, swag: to keep up with the newest developments, these “real world” objects need QR codes. “It’s a really simple function – but it bridges offline campaigns and mobile marketing,” says Detzner. “More and more people are using their smartphones to access the web, and site owners with online stores in particular need to get on board. The big advantage of QR codes: an interested, potential customer can get to your site when they see the flyer or sticker – immediately. There’s no mistyped URL or names forgotten on the way back to a computer. The information is available right away."


About Jimdo

Jimdo – Pages to the People ( was founded in February 2007 by three young entrepreneurs–Christian Springub, Fridtjof Detzner, and Matthias Henze–in an old farmhouse. The technology powering Jimdo was developed as a content management service for business clients, but frequent requests from friends gave the founders the idea to offer free JimdoPages. In just a few minutes, anyone–no technical knowledge required–can get a website online, complete with blog, photo galleries, video, online store, and social media integration. In May 2011, the 4,000,000th Jimdo site went online. Follow us on Twitter @jimdo


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