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The top reasons you’ll love working at Jimdo:


We're all on equal footing

We’re informal, hierarchies are as flat as possible, and we value a good atmosphere. Developers and “normal” people live in a friendly symbiosis here :)  Working at Jimdo means waking up in the morning and looking forward to going to work. 

We like to learn from each other. We believe our success comes from productive teamwork and mutual support rather than competition. Everyone takes responsibility in his or her role, all ideas are welcome, and you become the expert in your area. 


It’s easy to feel at home

When you join the team at Jimdo, you become part of the gang. There’s the weekly Friday breakfast, running sessions at lunch (we have a shower and washing machine in the office), your choice of office snacks, and after-work beers. We're also dog-friendly. 

We get along great even when we’re not working, and we appreciate everyone the way they are. No one is forced to wear business clothes, either— we celebrate Casual Friday every day.


We love what we do

We’re not just developing software, we're working to create the best website builder in the world. We help people all over the world build great websites for their business, their project, or themselves. That’s just one of the many reasons we are proud to be part of Jimdo.

What's more, we really believe in the product, which is a great motivator. It doesn't hurt that interesting, friendly people are working alongside you.


We value flexibility

We don’t track time here at Jimdo. What time you show up in the morning depends on your team, your schedule, and your personal preference. We do this because we know that everyone is working hard to get their jobs done. 

Of course there are a few official meetings now and then, but generally it’s fine for you to pop in a little later in the morning.


We embrace diversity

Our team members are just as different and colorful as our users’ websites. You can expect to hear English in meetings and at the coffee machine, but our team hails from 23 different nations!

That's no surprise, considering Jimdo is available in 8 different languages. We love the multicultural atmosphere and the diverse perspectives everyone brings. 


We go places

Boring routines? No thanks. We like to switch it up and change the scenery now and again. Why? Because it's effective, and a lot of fun. 

Jimdo “sprints” involve a small, interdisciplinary team working on a specific topic, usually off-site to break the daily routine. And if new ideas arise while being in a different location, even better!


Burnout? Not here

We're not looking for worn-down workaholics. We want a team that is well-rested and excited to be here. To make collaboration easier and protect everyone from juggling too many tasks at once, we use a tool called Kanban. It's simple, keeps your to-do list manageable, and makes it easy to see what everyone is working on at any given time.


We love to celebrate!

Over 20 million Jimdo sites online? New features launched? New office rooms? Birthdays? We always find a reason to celebrate.

Teams usually take "official" outings once per quarter, but you can expect lots more going on in between. We love organizing parties, barbecues, bowling trips and more.


We love expanding our horizons

We see Jimdo as a learning company. We love getting insights into new areas and getting better and better at what we do. We request lectures on various topics from our colleagues and external experts because we want to know more about...well, everything!

At Jimdo, we encourage everyone to try new things, even if the experiments don’t always work out. It’s all part of the learning process.


Oh, Hamburg!


We could talk forever about how Hamburg is the most beautiful place in the world, but we’d prefer to let pictures do the talking… We think you can see what we mean!

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