10 Jimdo Websites Using the Rome Template

Example Websites Using the Rome Template

Ready for the romance of Rome? While this Romeo can’t offer you a declaration of love on a moonlit balcony, it will easily steal your heart and leave you with a website even Michelangelo would be proud of.

Our quest to find the best template for your site continues. You’ve read the reasons why beautiful Barcelona and ravishing Rio might be your perfect template choice. Both are fantastic options, but that was before you met Rome…

Why we love the Rome template

Jimdo Design Rome

  • A large header area: Rome is the perfect template to show off a striking image, a creative logo, or a wow-worthy hero image.
  • A simple, organized navigation and drop down menu: Rome ensures a clutter-free navigation bar. The drop down menu is perfect for a website that has tons of content or needs a lot of room for subpages.
  • Fixed navigation: The navigation is visible at the top of the page even as people scroll down – this makes your website quicker to navigate.
  • A multilingual website’s dream come true: As you’ll see in the examples below, the simple navigation and drop down menu makes it the perfect choice for multilingual websites.
  • Breadcrumb navigation: No, not those bread crumbs – In the Rome template, a breadcrumb menu appears under the header when visitors are on subpages. This is a fantastic way for you to help users find their way around your site and is super helpful for websites that have a lot of content.




Four Ways to Boost the ‘Rome’ance

If you choose Rome, here are some tips to make the most of it:

  • A simple, one-line navigation: Make the horizontal navigation clear and short. Keep your navigation to one line to make it easier for people to use – you can take advantage of subpages and dropdown menus to fit more content if needed.
  • Use high-quality background images: Rome is perfect for showing off your striking images. We recommend that background images be at least 2000 pixels wide. If you don’t have the right images yet, try some of our recommendations for free stock image sites.
  • Break up the space: Since Rome’s content area is so wide, it’s a good idea to use Columns Elements and Photo Elements to break up the space and make the text easier to read.
  • Small logo: Since Rome’s logo area is fairly small compared to some other templates, make sure your logo is still easy to read at a small size. If you have a large logo and want to put it center stage, then you should probably choose a template that has a larger logo area.

Real Jimdo websites using the Rome template

Click on the images below to tour the full websites.


1. Seidenweiss

Seidenweiss Babykleidung

The elegant and minimalist design of Seidenweiss reflects fashion designer Dorothee White’s enthusiasm for creating simple and high-quality baby garments. Consistent branding and coloring, and clear organization of text and images with Columns Elements, creates an uncluttered, professional look. I love how the product photos have the same gray background as the logo, and this works perfectly with their white products – they pop on the page. The multiple slideshows on the homepage encourage shoppers to explore the site more. Seidenweiss is a perfect example why ‘less is more’ really works.


2. YogaSchool Nord

YogaSchool Noord

On this website your eyes focus on their playful background slideshow photos–everyone looks like they’re having a blast doing yoga, who wouldn’t want to sign up! While they clearly have a lot to offer their clients, they don’t overwhelm them but keep their navigation simple. It’s one line and easy to use, and the drop-down menus offer fun information in an organized format. I also like that they’ve smartly incorporated a scheduling widget on their website. Well done on creating a yogarrific website!


3. Renae Su

Renaesu Illustration

With the Rome template, illustrator Renae Su’s portfolio website makes a real impact. Like YogaSchool Nord, her navigation is easy-to-use – each page is a type of work she offers – and the background slideshow displays her most impressive works. Su’s choice of a white background color and consistent use of the Columns Element allows her work to really shine. Bonus points for the adorable logo!


4. Dang Shades

Dang ShadesBreathtaking action photos, awesome videos, and a multilingual site to boot, Dang Shades exudes coolness. It’s clear from their website they’re enjoying life and love what they do. I love that they use hero images on their homepage to advertise pages on their site. Dang Shades, we think you’re spec-tacular, just like a good friend of ours!


5. Norla Design

Norla Design

Norla Design’s sleek website reflects their enthusiasm for space, light, and harmony. Instead of flag icons, the drop-down menu creates a beautiful and functional multilingual website. Their simple navigation menu is the key to maintaining harmony – only three languages offered and dropdowns are simply product descriptions and product purchase pages. They consistently use clean and colorful photos to tie the look together. Their use of Source Sans Pro font completes this minimalist, modern look.


6. Cook & It

Cook&ItConsistent coloring (love the use of orange and black throughout the site!), striking hero images, well-chosen icons, and the organization of text and photos into columns creates a streamlined website. They maintain a playfulness and connection with their readers, like the cute Cook & It ampersand that travels with them on their culinary adventures.


7. Landscapes at War

Landscapes at WarJournalist and archeologist Isabelle Masson-Loodts’ Landscapes at War investigates the fascinating link between the impact of the First World War and nature. With the help of Jimdo expert Amaranthe, she’s created an impressive and informative multilingual site. Background slideshows of harrowing World War I illustrations, consistent coloring, and an ace organization of text and photos with the Columns Element all give her website a clean look and allow her readers to focus on her compelling writing.


8. Peugeot Collection

Peugeot CollectionBeautiful people, classic cars, and the ability to have all this glamour for the price of a t-shirt, sign me up! Even if we all know wearing the label without the car might not work out so well. This minimalist and vintage-looking website allows the Peugeot products to speak for themselves – well, the attractive models wearing the products help just a bit. An eye-catching header photo, multiple viewpoint product photos, and a smartly-used Columns Element makes for a charming site. Nous aimons Peugeot!



9. Chalet Nantailly

chalet naintalyOwners Fabienne and Bénédicte clearly agree the devil’s in the detail – just look at the drool worthy interior design of their magical retreat in Savoie, not to mention their elegant website. With such breathtaking photos, they’ve wisely kept their site simple. A white background, easy-to-read Roboto font, consistent coloring, and a fantastic organization of space with the Columns Element lets their photo galleries speak for themselves. With an unparalleled view of Mont Blanc on your doorstep and a cozy fire, what else could you need?



viedestinationviaDESTINATION’s dreamy pictures of beautiful sandy beaches and never-ending blue skies promise an amazing holiday without any stress. Consistent coloring (love the use of cobalt and aqua blue throughout the site!), a fantastic use of white space, striking images, and a wonderful organization of text and photos into columns, creates an inviting and professional website. They’ve also created a successful multilingual site by inserting a language flag as a tiny Photo Element, and they’ve linked that Photo Element to the corresponding page in the other language. As a result, you can easily bounce back and forth between the two languages – Italian and English. viaDESTINATION, you had me at “can’t miss” tours of Mayan ruins.

Want to try Rome on your own website? Go to Templates in your Site Admin to open the Template Selector, then choose Rome from the list.

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