20+ Dolphin Features We Rolled out This Summer

Jimdo Dolphin features

The summer may be coming to an end but here at Jimdo, we’re just getting started. You may (or not) have noticed that we’ve recently been developing features at the speed of light. And it’s all thanks to you! We’ve been inspired by all the amazing Dolphin websites we’ve seen, to help you push your site to success.

Just in case you missed any of the features we rolled out, here’s a quick recap.




Font pairings: Wine and cheese. Doughnuts and coffee. Raleway and Roboto. Some things are just better in pairs, and that goes for typography too. Now you can choose just the right font combination to match your style.

Fonts in Jimdo Dolphin

Transparent navigation: We like things clear—like our navigation! You can now make your navigation transparent or just leave it as your chosen background color—you choose.

Animations: Because who doesn’t love special effects—now you can add slide-in and fade-in animations to your website under Edit Style.

Image filters: Give your photos a fresh look with quick and easy image filters. You can now apply the filters to PNG, JPEG and GIF files directly in your website when editing your images.

Image filter Jimdo

Image library: Keeps all your photos in one place to use whenever you like, choose stock photos filtered by industry or get your own pics from Facebook and Instagram.

Color themes: Choose the right color combination to match your brand. You can create a color theme from any image (e.g. your logo) so you can automatically match your website colors. Just adjust the slider to add more color (or less).

Color theme

Optional overlay: If you have beautiful photos in your content blocks, you may not want something like an overlay covering it. This is why if you have no buttons or text on your block you won’t get one. The overlay is still there but only if you need it to make your CTA or text readable.


Automatic Search Engine Optimization: If you like the idea of SEO but don’t want to spend time on SEO, you’ll love our new system!

Alt text: Keep the SEO gods happy with alt text fields for your images. Plus, these are great for screen readers too.

Website statistics: Activate your website statistics to learn more about your visitors and find out why some of your pages are more popular than others.

Jimdo Boost app

Google Search Console: Connect your Google Search Console with just one-click. Just remember to connect your custom domain and publish your website first!


Banner blocks: Use a banner block to highlight your special offers or add a quote from a happy customer. The best part is the banner grows along with your content!

Booking: Now your bookings can roll in 24/7. Just choose the Booking block on your website and try out a free trial with Shore booking.

Change your block layout: Play around with different layouts to see what compliments your content best.  

Collapsible list: We added a collapsible list option so you can outline your key points then visitors can choose whether to read more or hide the detailed info. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate your page without big blocks of text.

Duplicate blocks: Love a block on your site? Now you can duplicate the block and double the fun. This helps keep your content consistent and saves time.

Call button: Create a clickable phone number using the call button. This makes it easy for potential customers browsing your website via smartphone to call you directly with one click.


Domain forwarding: Already have a domain but are trying out Dolphin? Forward your domain to keep using certain functions through your external domain registrar (e.g. email accounts). Here’s how.

Connect G Suite: You now have the option to use your domain with your own professional G Suite account. G Suite is great for anyone looking for more control over their email plus access to other productivity tools like Google Docs.

Improved text editor: We admit it, we made a typo. We’ve improved the text editor usability across mobile devices to bring you a better experience.

Email forwarding: Users can now add their own email forwarders via the dashboard.

Link Manager: Edit your call-to-action button with any link you need: whether it’s a link to another section of your website, an external link, email or booking service.

More payment options: We’ve extended our payment methods so you can now pay for your website via Paypal, Sofort, iDeal, Bancontact (payment methods will vary by country).

Phew, if you managed to get through all that, give yourself a pat on the back! As you can see we’ve been working hard to bring you all the features you need for a beautiful, professional website. So keep an eye on the Jimdo Updates section of our blog for even more upcoming feature news!


Tara Santiago
Tara is a writer and editor for Jimdo. She works closely with our product teams on marketing and user experience. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling, filling in The Guardian crossword or buried in a book.