8 Jimdo Websites Using the Zurich Template

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All of our templates offer various perks and features, which cater to different types of businesses and individuals. For example, you recently learned that the Barcelona template is popular among artists and online shops due to its prominent logo area and large background space, and the Rio de Janeiro template is perfect for showing off large images. Meanwhile, the Zurich template is even more versatile and will work for almost any type of site.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at ten awesome websites built with the Zurich template to get inspiration for your own site.

Learn more about what makes Zurich a great template:

Jimdo Zurich Design

  • Easy to read horizontal sub-navigation: The navigation on Zurich sits just below the main header and above the rest of your content. This draws visitors’ attention to other pages on your site and ultimately what your site has to offer.
  • Bottom sidebar: In some cases, you’ll want your sidebar on the actual right or left side of your website. This option is great for restaurants or businesses with important contact information that should be easily visible on every page of their site. Zurich’s sidebar, however, sits at the bottom of the site. This is a good option for users that want to add a footer to their site with information that is important but doesn’t necessarily need to be in the spotlight.
  • Large header area for background images: Many stylish websites have a large image at the top of their site with content below know as the hero area. This popular design trend is easy to create with the Zurich template.
  • Wide content area: Zurich gives you a ton of space in your content area to show off full-width images for portfolios or blog posts.
  • Style variations: The Zurich template also comes in three color variations so you can quickly style your site how you like.



Things to keep in mind about the Zurich template:

  • Because Zurich has such a wide content area, it’s a good idea to break up your text into columns to make it easier to read.
  • Since the navigation is horizontal and doesn’t have dropdown menus, Zurich is best for sites that will have a short navigation. Create the best possible navigation on your site by keeping it on one line.
  • If you don’t have a logo or header text, leave it blank! You don’t have to fill out this area if you don’t have any content to put there. The image is enough.
  • Choose a logo and header font/color that complement each other. Make sure your logo and text are easy to read and your background image doesn’t get overshadowed or covered completely by the text and logo. Conversely, make sure your logo and text are easy to read with the image behind it.
  • If your logo is enclosed in a square or over a white background, make sure to get a version of your logo with a transparent background before adding it to your site.

Here are some examples of awesome websites using the Zurich template:


1. Surf Planks

Surf Planks Jimdo
Australian surf shop Surf Planks uses the bottom sidebar to display the shop’s contact information and logo. The shop owners are constantly changing their header image to promote news related to their store. In this example, you see they are using the header to promote an upcoming workshop for kids.


2. Marks and Hemment

marks & hemment
Marks & Hemment sells stylish and unique sport watches and belts. The site takes advantage of the bottom footer to share information about payment, shipping costs, gift options, and store locations. The white logo and header text looks sleek and legible over the black and white photos.


3. Manuela Engelking

Manuela Engelking
This travel blog shows just how versatile the Zurich template can be. It’s not just for online shops! This template leaves a lot of room to share visuals and this travel blogger takes advantage of all the open space to show different places she’s traveled.


4. Chris Zielecki

Chris Zielecki

Jimdo’s very own Chris Zielecki created his photography site with the Zurich template. Chris uses the header to show a rotation of bold photographs he’s taken. He leaves the logo and header text area blank and nicely organizes his homepage with a simple navigation, title of his site, and more images from his portfolio.


5. Abeeway

This bilingual website by geolocation system Abeeway does a nice job of using a large graphic header image for their business site. They break up their site by adding columns for text and also changed the font and style colors to match their logo to create a consistent look across the entire website. The navigation is used to easily break up their site into a French and English version.


6. FlippFlash

Flipp Flash
It’s clear by now that Zurich is a great template for highly visual sites. This image game app FlippFlash created a unique look by hiding pages to remove the navigation. They then added large images to the center of their page to create a simple yet sophisticated site. As an alternative to the navigation bar, this site uses buttons at the bottom of the page to direct visitors to the two other pages of the site. This is a great example of working with a template to make it your own.



7. Ink + Olive

Ink + OliveInk + Olive‘s simple and elegant site matches the chic and modern items that it sells. The store’s eye-catching logo adheres to the standards of a successful logo—it’s unique, simple, and memorable. The site does a great job of utilizing white space and letting the beautiful product photos take center stage. The owners of this online store are also savvy when it comes to showcasing products. They have a section of “bestsellers” of the month to encourage sales for their top items:

Jimdo Shop Bestsellers

8. She And Her Camera

She and her camera
Last but not least, take a look at last year’s Reinvention month winner, She And Her Camera. This is what a winning website looks like! It’s clean, well-organized, and all the text and images are easy to see on every page. She also uses custom icons to create a personalized style and look to her site. One of the best parts of her site is the footer. We often see cluttered footers with too much text. This footer is simple and clean and doesn’t distract from the rest of the site.

Want to try Zurich on your own website? Go to Templates in your Site Admin to open the Template Selector, then choose Zurich from the list. Don’t have a Jimdo site yet? Start a free site with the Zurich template here.

Is your website created with the Zurich template? Share it in the comments below. We love seeing your sites and we might even feature your site on our social channels or an upcoming newsletter!

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