Add a Search Bar to Your Business Website

If your website is anything like my desk you may need a little help finding things—which is where our new handy search bar comes in. No more endless browsing through subpages. Simply enter a search term for your blog or shop and all the matching results from your website will come up.

The website search makes it even easier for your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for on your website.

Stick to your element

This new feature is available for all JimdoBusiness websites using Jimdo Creator. You can add it as an element wherever you want on your website by selecting  More Elements and Add-ons from the Elements Menu, and clicking on Search.


Create your website


Search Bar

You’ll see there are now two Search options you can add. “Search” is a Jimdo feature that will fit seamlessly into your website without external code, and “Search Widget” is an easy way to add a third-party search bar.



If you don’t have JimdoBusiness but still want a search bar, you can select Search Widget under Add-on Elements and add an external search bar widget.

Personalize your search

Once you’ve added the search function, you can search for any items or words in your website. You can also customize the placeholder text in the search bar (“Search …” is the default) but you can just as easily change it to “Looking for something in particular?”, as well as determine which areas of your website to include in the search results.

Search bar

By specifying a specific area to browse, you can control where on your website visitors will “land.”

For example, if you include a search bar on your blog page, you may not want your visitors to see results from the store as well. On the other hand, you may prefer that shop visitors are only able to see search results from your shop and not your blog articles.

Or, keep it simple and add one search bar to your sidebar or footer so that it will appear on every page, and search all parts of your site.

There were so many requests for a search function that we wanted to add it just in time for Christmas! Try out the new feature and let us know what you think! :-)