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Today I have some tough news to share. Effective immediately, we’re reducing the size of our organization by around 16% and are saying goodbye to many talented Jimdoers in the process, both Jimdo GmbH employees and colleagues hired through Globalization Partners. Please check your email in the next few minutes to see how you’ve been impacted and what the next steps are. 

For those of you leaving, I’m very sorry to be taking this step. The Jimdoers we’re parting with today have significantly contributed to Jimdo’s success over the years. I would like to thank you for everything that you have done during your time here. Although the exact details of the support packages will vary by geographic location, we will provide:

  • An above-market severance allowance 
  • Our assistance with finding new job opportunities through an option to be added to a list of Jimdo Alumni that  will be shared with our network 
  • Access to mental health support over the next three months
  • An option to keep Jimdo hardware (laptop, phone, tablet, etc)
  • An option to receive outplacement coaching
  • Lifetime free access to Jimdo suite of products 

Let me share some broader context that has led to this challenging decision and details on how this change will work. I want to make it clear that as the CEO and Co-founder of Jimdo, I’m responsible for this decision.

Jimdo is in a strong strategic position as our free and paid products provide the foundation for millions of users to start, build and grow their small businesses – and we continue to expand our offerings to help solve more of their problems. However, the world is in crisis and we simply cannot ignore it. A recession is looming and according to the Jimdo-ifo business climate Index, it will hit the smallest companies, our customer base, the hardest. Our users already report that their clients have reduced their spending, which will likely cause them in turn to reduce some spending on our products. Therefore, we’re taking this difficult step now to make our organization more resilient to the anticipated turbulence ahead. Jimdo is acting proactively here.

While the Jimdo organization will look different moving forward, what does not change today – or ever – is our passion and commitment to our customers. Over the last three years, we’ve heavily invested in making the transition from a website builder into a productivity suite to serve the entrepreneurs who are turning their ideas into successful businesses. I’m more confident than ever that Jimdo will become the partner of choice for people building a business. Once again, I’d like to thank all Jimdoers for contributing to making Jimdo the company it is today. You’ll always be a part of the Jimdo community. 

Co-Founder & CEO

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