What Crowdfunders Can Teach You About Marketing

Crowdfunders raise money by convincing others to donate to their cause. Because their marketing strategies need to be so persuasive, they’re perfect if you want to build or improve your own website.

Let’s see how they do it!

1. Crowdfunders communicate a clear goal

Crowdfunders want to raise money. To do that, they need to convince visitors on their crowdfunding page. This entire page has one goal: to make visitors donate.

Any content that doesn’t directly support this goal is removed. This radical approach can help you focus on your goal (e.g. sell online, get customers to contact you or get bookings) when building your company website.

2. Crowdfunders tell their story

Crowdfunders always tell their own story. From why they started their project to where they are now, and how they got there. They also explain where they want to go next and how you can help them move forward.

And just like that, visitors aren’t just donating cash. They’re making an emotional investment by helping the heroes in the story to overcome an obstacle. You can help visitors feel a connection with your company by telling your story on your website.

3. Crowdfunders put their product before their company

The best crowdfunding campaigns don’t focus on the company. They tell you how the product solves a problem. Savvy crowdfunders only mention themselves when describing their solution.

Customers might love your company. But they buy the value your product or service will bring to their lives. So prioritize the benefits on your website.

4. Crowdfunding pages use mixed media

A great promo-video introduces the product and the team behind it. Clear headings and short, punchy texts describe the benefits. Detailed images show it from every angle. Are we still talking about crowdfunding pages, or about your website?

Mixing media types works well online. Combining text, images, and video lets you show-off your product or service from different perspectives and appeal to a wider audience.

5. Crowdfunders show faces

When you run a small business, it pays to promote your team. So don’t pretend to be a faceless-corporation if you’re not. Instead, let visitors meet the real people behind your business. They’ll feel more inclined to support you when they know you’re human!

Plus, visitors who’ve seen your face can visualize meeting and doing business with you. Making it much easier for them to imagine being your customer.

6. Crowdfunders show professionalism

A crowdfunding platform is not as intense as the Dragons Den, but even so, crowdfunders must show professionalism to reach their goal. Backers need to feel confident that the project will succeed.

Your website should give customers the same confidence in your company. A professional design, clear tone of voice, and a custom domain name will help you build that trust.

7. Crowdfunders explicitly mention how they offer value

You don’t see many crowdfunding campaigns for pint glasses, tomatoes or desk fans, do you? The products always offer something unique. They’re innovative, limited edition, or solve a very specific problem for people.

Don’t assume your visitors will automatically “get” your product’s value. Mention each of its unique selling points in your elevator pitch and explain why they should care.

By analyzing a crowdfunding campaign, you can learn how to tell your own story more clearly and put the value for your customers center-stage on your website.

Frank van Oosterhout
Frank takes on the most diverse tasks within Jimdo. After working in SEO, he started helping our Dutch customers and now looks at ways to improve Jimdo’s global knowledge base. When he is not in the office, you can find him on a rugby pitch or at home making ice cream.