Presenting the Preview Release of Jimdo Dolphin: The Newest Way to Build a Website

Today I’m really excited to be writing because I get to share with you the preview release of the new website building tool we’ve been working on called Dolphin. You can give it a try and start creating your own website.

It’s a new kind of website builder that asks you brief questions about your business, and then creates a totally personalized website with text, photos, and other details already filled in. You get a great looking website that’s designed specifically with your industry in mind, with all the pieces you need to stand out.

If you connect your social media accounts, Dolphin can go a step further and pull in your existing photos and text to save you even more time. It may feel like magic—in less than three minutes you’ll have a website that’s designed specifically for you. From there, you can continue to edit the website using a completely new, lightweight system that’s super-easy to use.


Making website creation radically easier

The inspiration for Dolphin came directly from our many conversations with you, our users. We noticed that even though starting a website was easy, actually finishing it was a little harder. People still had to plan out their pages, write text, find photos, and take a bit of a crash course in web design to make sure everything looked just right. So we thought, what if we could find a way to streamline this process, and free up your time? We’re a company that really wants to make life easy for business owners, and here we saw an opportunity to make website creation radically easier.



A challenge, and a new idea

With our experience of building over 20 million websites, we know what a great-looking website in your industry looks like. So by giving us your business name and industry, we can create a fitting, personalized, and beautiful website that will work well for you.

We tasked a small team of developers and designers with the challenge. It started as an experimental project to rethink the website creation process. We called the team “Dolphin” because we wanted something fast and smart and because, well, who doesn’t like dolphins? Fast forward to today, and the name has stuck…and the result is something that I am extremely excited about.

Arte y Sabor Jimdo Dolphin website

To check out examples from other industries go here:


What’s next?

Today we’re doing a preview release because Dolphin is still in its early stages. We have lots of improvements coming, but we wanted to share it with you as soon as possible. That way we can include your feedback in the development process, and make it even more powerful. I hope you’ll give it a try and tell us what you think!

For those of you who have come to know and love the original Jimdo Creator, rest assured that it’s still here for you with lots of new features and more to come. The two products will live side by side: Jimdo Creator for building a website from scratch or running your blog or online store, and Jimdo Dolphin for getting a beautiful website that’s ready to go in just a few minutes.

In short, we hope you enjoy Dolphin and have some fun with it!  As always, we are so grateful for your support as we try new experiments and introduce new ideas. Having a customer base of entrepreneurs, dreamers, DIY’ers, and creators like you means we’re always inspired by what you do, and always inspired to make Jimdo even stronger.

Try out Jimdo Dolphin now!

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Matthias Henze
Matthias is Jimdo's co-founder and CEO. He studied at the University of Kiel and the University of Gothenburg and then went into business with Fridtjof and Christian to start Jimdo. In his free time, you can find him hang gliding or spending time with his family.