Welcome to the family, Android! After last year’s iOS release, many of our Android users asked when it would be possible to edit their Jimdo sites on their phones and tablets. Well, we’re happy to announce that today is the day.

With the app, you can add photos, change text, write blog posts, or even add or delete pages, all from your phone or tablet. Download it for free in the Google Play Store and let us know what you think. We’d love it if you would leave a review and tell your friends about it too!



With Jimdo for Android, you can use your phone or tablet to:

Jimdo for Android is Here

  • Sign up for a new account and create a new website: Choose a name and template, and your website is online.
  • Edit an existing Jimdo website: Yep, all 12 million Jimdo sites can be edited right in the app.
  • Add photos and galleries: Share your vacation pics, photo shoots, and more.
  • Add text, headings, and horizontal lines: Keep your pages up to date and organized no matter where you are.
  • Edit your site structure: You can even add, delete, edit, and move pages and navigation bars.
  • Write, publish and share blog posts: Because inspiration can strike anywhere.
  • Check your site statistics: See how many people are visiting your site, instantly.


Try it Now
Google Play Store


We know you’ll love being able to work on your Jimdo website anywhere you want. And as a native Android app, it’s truly made for mobile to be fast, easy, and fun.

Now that the cross-platform Jimdo family is complete, the only thing left is for you to take your pick and try it out. Whether you prefer Android, iOS, desktop, or all three, there’s a Jimdo to fit who you are, where you are.