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Florian Voss opera singer

The first thing you notice about Jimdo customer Florian Voss is his broad smile and infectious laugh. The renowned opera singer, based in Sweden, is one of those lucky few who possess true charisma—a talent for great storytelling, true conviction in oneself, and the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the room. His inspirational success story proves the John F. Kennedy quote correct: “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”

Florian Voss

We always love learning about Jimdo customers’ success stories. We recently stumbled across Voice, Body & Soul and were instantly impressed with Florian’s beautifully designed website. We quickly fell in love with his extraordinary story and his vocal studio’s mission.



How did you discover your passion for singing?

At seventeen years old, I stumbled across my passion for singing when I joined a church choir in Bremerhaven, Germany. I didn’t have any musical experience before this and wasn’t sure how I felt about singing. The priest said I had a great voice, so I began to sing in the shower and take my choir practices more seriously. I knew the only way to improve my voice would be to get a formal singing education, so I auditioned and won a place at the Stadttheater Bremenhaven. I studied in their classical vocal training program, and took my first step to become a professional singer!

Was the path you took to become an opera singer straightforward?

The complete opposite! It took me years to become an opera singer, especially as I took a break from my musical studies to work as a bank clerk. After two years of working in a bank, I wanted to see the world and travel. I was able to achieve this by becoming a flight attendant for Lufthansa! However, always, at the back of my mind, I longed to study music again. I started working part-time at Lufthansa and was able to return to my musical studies. After five years of intense studying, I auditioned and achieved a two-year contract with the prestigious Metropolitan Theatre in Giessen!

Florian Voss

What brought you to Sweden?

Love! I met my partner in Mallorca and he’s Swedish. After meeting him, I immediately decided I had to move to Sweden. I auditioned at the Swedish Royal Opera House and after 3 months, received a trial contract, and 9 months later, they awarded me a full contract. I was thrilled and have been singing there ever since!

Why did you decide to open a vocal studio?

After moving to Sweden, I wanted to do something in addition to opera singing, but I wasn’t sure what I could do. In Germany, I taught young students in pop, musical, rock, and classical singing. However, I never saw myself as teacher but as a coach since I was still a performing singer. I thought about what I most enjoyed about teaching, and knew that I loved helping students find and develop their voice. I decided that running a vocal studio would be the best way to do this!


Voice, Body & Soul’s most recent workshop took place on a cruise ship with Justin Stoney, voice teacher to stars such as Mariah Carey!


What makes Voice, Body & Soul so special?

I’ve developed a unique vocal exercise technique called distraction exercises. We teach all standard vocal exercises and add these extra exercises to give the student a different perspective on their singing. We focus on helping students develop the three different parts of their being—voice, body, and soul. For example, students will stand on a table, move their arms in the air as if they are swimming, and sing at the same time.



What do you love most about running a vocal studio?

I love seeing my students touch people with their voice. My goal is to have all my students make everyone in the audience cry. Crying is such a pure emotion and shows that you did a great job and touched people just by the sound out your voice.

Florian Voss

Why did you decide to build a website with Jimdo?

Even before we held our first workshop, I knew I wanted to create a website for my coaching business but had no idea how to create a website. I googled website builders and went through all of the options. What was most important to me was to find a website builder that was easy-to-use, intuitive, and looked professional. Jimdo ticked all these boxes, and also offered a great pricing plan and an easy solution to build an online store. So I took the plunge, signed up for JimdoBusiness, and began building my homepage!

How has a Jimdo Expert helped you design your website?

When I first started building my website, I built the completely wrong homepage. After running my second workshop, I knew I needed a more professional website. I had read about Jimdo Experts, and enlisted Jimdo Expert Timon Schlichenmaier to help me. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Timon helped me create my website exactly how I wanted it.

What do you like most about creating your site with Jimdo?

I’m proud that I’m able to do the majority of the work by myself. I feel comfortable editing my site as Jimdo is so easy to use. I make most of the content changes and rely on Timon to help me make it look good!

How do you showcase your personality through your website?

The company is connected to me, as an artist and as an owner. Florian Voss is our brand. You’ll therefore see a lot of pictures and videos of me with my students throughout my website.

I specifically showcase my personality with the three colors we use throughout the website: blue, red, and deep saffron. These three colors reflect my three personality traits: openness, individuality, and creativity. I really love how Timon was able to incorporate these colors throughout the website.



Since creating a website, have you seen an impact on your business?

Absolutely! Marcus Olsson, my talented assistant, and I, have noticed there has been a large increase in the amount of visitors looking at our website. We’ve also received positive feedback from clients that our website looks professional and information is easy to find. Also, we love that our website is responsive—it looks like a glossy magazine on a mobile phone!

Florian Voss Website

Do you have any exciting projects on the horizon?

So many! For Voice, Body, & Soul, we have our International Summer Program held on the majestic cruise ship M/S Birka. We’ll sail along the Southern Baltic Sea while coaches from all over the world help students improve their vocal abilities. For me, professionally, I continue to sing at the Swedish Royal Opera House. In October, I’m going on tour with The Ten Tenors! I can’t wait and know it will be an amazing experience.

Florian Voss

Interested in learning more about Voice, Body & Soul? Get in touch with Marcus Olsson!

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