Talk to Customers with Jimdo’s Free Live Chat App

“Can I help you?”

Sometimes you just need some expert advice to really get the most out of a product or service. Think, the bookseller who recommends the perfect read for your summer holiday. The computer specialist next door, who still manages to save your data (despite the coffee you spilled on your laptop). Or, the design agency that gives your flyers a professional new look.

At some stage, we all appreciate advice from an expert. Now with Jimdo’s Live Chat app, you can offer your website visitors just that—direct, real-time advice via live chat. Creator users might already be familiar with the beta version of our chat app. But now the app can be connected to all Dolphin and Creator websites. Try it out for the chance to offer your customers an unforgettable experience and possibly increase your sales.

How it works

With the Live Chat app for Jimdo Dolphin and Creator, you can always answer your customers on-the-go. Simply download the free Live Chat app for Android or iOS and log in to your Jimdo account on your smartphone.

Download Live Chat app android

Download Live Chat app iOS

Once you’ve logged in, just follow the instructions to activate the chat.  Your visitors will now be greeted by a small chat window at the bottom of your site. If a visitor has a question, they can simply type it into the chat box and it will appear directly on your phone.

Give your customers a valuable service by recommending the right product or service for them or advise them on specific questions. This will also help reduce the number of customer requests by email—so it’s a win-win!

Jimdo Live Chat display

Please note: If you’ve already downloaded the Chat app, make sure you update it to get the latest features.

Choose your greeting and response time

Say “Hello!” or “G’day” to your visitors in your own words by editing the welcome text in the app. You can then adjust the settings to let visitors know your response time to their questions. By managing expectations you can reassure visitors that they will get a response soon and lower your churn rate.


Create your website


Jimdo Live Chat Settings

And of course, the look of the chat window automatically adapts to the sleek design of your Dolphin website!

As a customer, do you ever use live chat to ask a question? Or do you offer a live chat on your website? Let us know in the comments!