Things are a little bit different at Jimdo than in most companies. Since we march to the beat of our own drum, some of things we think of as normal might seem a bit exotic or flamboyant, but that’s part of what makes us great.

Chef Sam

Take one of our newest hires: Sam, the brand-new Jimdo chef de cuisine. Hiring Sam was a no-brainer: the three of us have been enjoying Sam’s culinary masterpieces back since we set up the first Jimdo office in Hamburg, and made a silent pact to hire him if we had the chance. Back then, we would walk through Ottensen, our favorite neighborhood in Hamburg, discussing daily business and strategies, and often stop into Teufelsküche for a bite to eat and a glass of wine. (For anyone’s who hasn’t tried it, discussing business over food and wine is a lot more fun than discussing business without it).

Food at Teufelsküche was good, so good that we ate there every week, often more than once. Sam became a friend, and we stayed in touch during the 2.5 years he worked as a sous-chef at a Michelin-rated restaurant in London. Every time we saw Sam, we asked him to come work for Jimdo. It took a lot of convincing, but finally, he said yes.

We believe that the right work-life balance is key to happiness and success, and thinking outside the box is built into our DNA. Welcoming Sam was just the next logical step!


The way to a person’s heart…

Sam cooks great meals, but that’s not the whole story. The food in Sam’s kitchen is as individual as each person who orders it. Meat or fish, lots of vegetables or none at all, spicy or mild — the choices are endless. And when he fires up his six-burner restaurant-quality range, the culinary fireworks begin. Sam loves cooking, as a glance into the Jimdo kitchen (better known as his office) reveals.

An added bonus to hiring Sam is that it makes job interviews even easier: we often have lunch with applicants during the first interview, but now we can do it right now at Chez Sam — without leaving the office!

The way a candidate and Jimdo fit together has long been important to us, which is why we recommend everyone applying to take a look behind the scenes. Sitting in the kitchen over a gourmet meal with Jimdo team members of every nationality makes it even easier than ever.

If anyone out there is looking to sample Sam’s cooking, take a look at our Jobs page — maybe there’s something for you!