Not every idea you have when you’re sixteen years old is a good one, but in this case we got lucky. Back then, we were talking about what we wanted to do when we “grew up.” One thing we knew: it had to be something fun.

We liked computers and we liked coding, so we started building websites for people. Lots of websites. We heard customers say over and over again that they wished they could edit their own sites—why did it have to be so difficult?

That gave us the idea that led to Jimdo: build a tool so that people can create and maintain their own websites, and make it fun and easy to do.

It’s the founding belief of Jimdo that with fun, anyone can build something great. If we can empower people with a great website that is fun to make, they can go on to pursue their big idea or tell their own story.

It’s led us to the company we have today—with the culture, colleagues, and customers that we love. Now, we want our outward appearance to reflect that inner inspiration. That’s why we’re releasing a brand new visual look for Jimdo.

Jimdo's founders

Bringing our story to life

What you’ll see across our website is a new logo, new colors, fonts, and photos, all of which help convey our feeling that work can, and should, be fun and fulfilling. More than just a redesign, it’s a way to show the Jimdo spirit that we share with our users and that drives our product development.

Note: Don’t worry, this redesign won’t change the way your website appears to the outside world. You’ll notice differences in your Site Admin, but your website will remain the same.

Our new logo represents this spirit. It comes from the idea of building blocks, just like how you use different building blocks to playfully create a great website. We also updated to a color palette that feels fresh and energetic, reflecting the diversity and creativity of Jimdo’s users.


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Jimdo's new logo

With fun, anyone can do great things

Changing the logo and colors is of course only a step in a longer journey. We’ve found that far too many people assume that work needs to be painful, complicated, or boring in order to be successful. We want to change that perception.

We think that in order to accomplish something great, the work needs to be enjoyable and engaging. This applies to websites too. Every time we hear from a customer who had fun building a website (and who maybe wasn’t expecting to), we cheer. Because that’s the way it should be. It’s a priority for us to keep building this fun into our product as we add new features and make improvements.

Claudia Mamone

Photographer and Jimdo user Claudia Mamone.

Claudia Mamone's website

Claudia’s website.

Our customers also put this belief into action every day. You are all achieving great things in part because you enjoy what you do. This applies whether you work in an office or on your own, as an artist or an accountant, whether you’re building a company or building an online store—or both.

Now, when we look at the new visual style of Jimdo, we’re excited to see something bright, friendly, creative and helpful. We see all the people who enjoy what they do, and are proud of what they create. In short, we finally see ourselves, our customers, and our company. It feels good to let our true colors shine through, and we hope you feel the same way.

– Matthias, Christian, and Fridtjof