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New Jimdo Website Editor

There’s a new look for Jimdo’s website editor. Log in to your website in the coming days, and you’re going to see a fresh coat of paint, some rearranged furniture…basically a Jimdo Makeover Edition.

We’ve rebuilt the Jimdo menu so you can work even faster and more productively on your website. The settings you use the most often are now easier to reach. Those things you don’t use so much are grouped together and moved out of your way. We’ve also updated our website editor with the latest technology so that everything loads faster when you’re working on your website.

Why the change? We spent a lot of time watching how people work on their Jimdo websites, and realized we could organize everything in a more streamlined way. We took what we learned from our user tests and experiments and put it all into practice in the new setup.

Of course, renovations can be tough at first—you look for the ice cream scoop in its usual drawer, and then remember that it’s moved somewhere else. Argh! Our Support Center will be up-to-date with all new screenshots and directions, so be sure to check it out if you need help finding anything.



Jimdo new menu
Ta da! The streamlined Jimdo menu will now be on the left side

Our colleague Kurt will tell you what improvements you can expect:

Kurt Lash JimdoKurt Lash

Kurt is a developer here at Jimdo; as the product manager, he was in charge of remodeling the menu. Along with many talented colleagues, he took care of the renovation so you can edit your website hassle-free.

Our new improvements

A clear design

The website editor is more intuitive and visually uniform, so you have a better overview. We took out the large popup menus so you can work on your website undisturbed. The menu bar is now on the left where more people expect to find it—it’s unobtrusive but there when you need it. The different colors for different sections help show you where you are.

No endless searching—everything is in its place

We have sorted the menu items thematically. Your hair dryer shouldn’t be in the living room when it belongs in the bathroom, and your shop settings shouldn’t be scattered around either.

We’ve put the settings you use every day in focus and made them easily accessible. The areas you rarely visit are now out of the way, like the box of Christmas decorations in the back of the closet that you only need to get to once a year.

Save time and work smart

Your time is precious! So you’ll be happy to see how quickly the new website editor responds.

New Jimdo menu
All the settings in their place

What to expect: All websites registered from the 3rd of November will automatically have the new menu. Existing Jimdo pages will be gradually updated during November—so it’s coming soon! We’ll give you a heads up via email before we make the change.


Will my content or the design of my website change?

Nope. This update does not affect how your website looks to the outside world. The menu changes are only visible behind the scenes when you’re in Edit Mode.

When do I get the update?

All new Jimdo websites created from November 3rd onward will automatically work with our new website editor. If you have an existing Jimdo site, the update will be rolled out on your website during November.



How do I convert my Jimdo website to the new system?

Sit back and relax—we do it for you. We’re just letting you know about it now so you don’t think you’ve lost your mind when you log in and it looks different.

I want to keep the old version. Is that possible?

We’re glad you like the old Jimdo, but we can’t keep it active for individual websites. Give the new version some time, though, and we think you’ll quickly get used to it and hopefully enjoy it too.

To summarize: The new menu looks better, is better organized, and will help you work faster. Take the time you save and spend on the beautiful things in life—like updating your Jimdo shop in time for the Christmas rush. Sound good? We think so too!

Are you looking forward to the update? Tell us in the comments!

Tara Santiago
Tara is Jimdo’s Content Editor and Social Media Specialist. She’s a blogger with an interest in politics and loves to look for social media marketing trends. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling, filling in The Guardian crossword or buried in a book.