New Tokyo Template Will Help Your Website Bloom

Tokyo template

To celebrate the season of warm sunshine and new beginnings, our designers collaborated with our Tokyo office and designed a template to match this vibrant, cosmopolitan city.
We asked web designer Jill Heyer to tell us about Tokyo, and provide some design tips on how to best use this gorgeous template.


Jill Heyer“Taking the city name as inspiration, Tokyo’s navigation menu is right-aligned to reflect the traditional Japanese writing style. The idea for the design came directly from our office in Tokyo, and together we managed to build this beautiful responsive template.”

— Jill Heyer

Jimdo Tokyo Team
Our wonderful Tokyo team who helped us create the perfect Tokyo template!

What makes Tokyo unique?

More flexibility: The Header only appears on the homepage

In a traditional Jimdo Template, your Header text and image appear the same on every page of your website. With Tokyo, the main Header only appears on the homepage. When you select another page from the navigation menu, the Header disappears. (Don’t worry, your logo and navigation menu will still show up on every page).

This is useful if you want an eye-catching headline and photo on your homepage, but you don’t necessarily want that to show up on every page of your site. Instead, customize the top of every page with a Heading Element. We recommend putting a Large Heading Element (H1) at the top of every page of your website to give your SEO a boost.

Jimdo Tokyo TemplateJimdo Tokyo Template

Streamlined blog display

Do you look forward to writing your next blog post as much as your morning latte? You know that space on your Blog Display page is precious. That’s why Tokyo’s blog displays the headline and date in one parallel row, instead of placing the headline and date diagonally from each other.

“Split” navigation holds lots of subpages

With Tokyo, you get a template with a clean-looking “split” navigation. Your main navigation items will always appear in a row at the top, and any subpages will appear in a colored menu bar below that. Split navigations are great when you have a lot of content, a multilingual site, a blog, or a large store, and you don’t want to struggle with long, complicated drop-down menus.



Jimdo Tokyo Template

4 design tips for the perfect look

1. Change the horizontal alignment of your sub navigation menu

Tokyo’s sub navigation menu is automatically aligned to the right, but you can easily change the alignment of with our Style Editor. Open up the Style Editor, click on the edge of the sub-navigation menu, and the alignment options will pop up.

Jimdo Tokyo Template

2. Choose the Tokyo variation that best suits your color preference

Tokyo comes in three different color variations to suit everyone’s needs—dark blue, pink, and turquoise. Customize your other colors, like the color of your sub navigation menu, using the Style Editor.

Jimdo Tokyo TemplateJimdo tokyo TemplateJimdo Tokyo Template

3. Make sure your logo fits

Tokyo has a relatively small logo area that works best with wide or square logos rather than tall thin ones. If you’d rather have a large logo on your site, check out these templates that have a larger logo area.

4. Create a simple, one-line navigation

Make the horizontal navigation clear and short. Keep your navigation to one line to make it easier for people to use—you can take advantage of Tokyo’s sub navigation if you have tons of content or need a lot of room for subpages.


Best websites for the Tokyo template

Tokyo is a fantastic template if you have a lot of content to show off. Though anyone can use Tokyo for any kind of website, we recommend it for:

  • Traditional business, such as a law firm or a bank
  • Online store selling multiple items
  • Portfolio website
  • Content-rich blog with multiple posts
  • Restaurant

Wondering if the template you currently have is the right fit for your website? Learn how to pick the perfect template and check out our awesome Template Tutorial.

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