Our Most Popular Posts of 2016

Most popular posts 2016

We love the end of the year—not just because of the baked goods and long weekends, but because of all the montages, highlights, and best-of lists posted around the web. In that spirit, here’s our own list of the 10 most popular posts of the year. Website hacks, design tips, and new features—these are the pieces that caught your eye in 2016. Any topics you’d like to see more of in 2017? Let us know in the comments.

Website design

Multilingual Websites Germany
Everything you need to know about building a multilingual website with Jimdo

Website Strategy

  • 8 Website Shortcuts for Busy People: You may be a part-time website builder but you’re probably a full-time something else, which means that….well, you’re busy! Here are some of our best hacks to save you time on setting up pages, choosing colors and fonts, finding photographs, and more.
  • How to Get Google to Notice Your Website: Feeling left out of Google’s search results? Frank from our Support Team walks you through how search engines work and how to get your website the attention it deserves.
  • 20 More Website Widgets We Love: It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Jimdo users love widgets—and we love sharing all the new ones out there that will add even more functionality to your website. Check out some of these favorites, and see our original list here.

20 more website widgets you'l love

New Jimdo Features

Stockholm Template Jimdo
Our new Stockholm Template became a fast customer favorite.
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