Our Most Popular Posts of 2017

Our most popular posts of 2017

A year-end post usually looks back to the beginning of the year. But let’s look back to the beginning of 2007 instead…the iPhone didn’t exist, the Kardashians didn’t have a show…we didn’t even know how Harry Potter was going to end. The world was a different place when Jimdo first began, and it’s hard to fully realize how much we’ve learned since then.

But ten years later, we’re proud to say that 2017 has been one of our best and most productive years yet. As our CEO Matthias described in his post, we started the year re-energized and ready to take on bigger bets. We released a major overhaul to our blogging system, a new Facebook Promote feature to create Facebook ads right from your website, a new Site Search, and new user accounts, dashboards, and email integrations. We hope you’ve also noticed faster Support and an easier way to get in touch.

The biggest news by far has been the preview release of Dolphin, our most ambitious venture yet. Our new website builder is hands-down the easiest ways to build your website. And it’s getting better every day with our amazing team and with all of your feedback and testing.


A big thanks to all of you…

This just goes to show that when it comes to running a business, the excitement isn’t necessarily all at the beginning of the journey. Ten years in, we feel like we’re growing and learning more every day. A lot of this is thanks to our awesome customers who are running their own businesses. You constantly inspire us to work harder and set even higher goals for ourselves, so that we can help you make the most of your websites.

With that, we thought we’d sign off for the year with a roundup of some of our most popular posts here on the blog—the ones you liked, shared and returned to again and again. We wish you the very happiest of new years and thank you for hanging out with us here on the blog. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful 2018 for everyone!


Website TipsDIY website tips

  • Mobile Website Design Fails and How to Avoid Them: We all know we’re supposed to be designing for the mobile experience, but what does that mean exactly? Here are some simple tips that will make visiting your website smooth sailing, whether your visitors come from a desktop, phone, or tablet. No squinting or mashing keys required!
  • 22 Tips for Building a DIY Website: We’ve seen it all here at Jimdo, and we’ve learned a few tricks over the years that will have your website looking its best. If you’re starting out or wondering how you can make some long-awaited improvements, this post is a great place to start.
  • Build a Website Customers Will Trust: How do you attract new customers and show that your website is the real deal? If you’re new in town, make sure you check out some of these trust-building steps you can take on your website to encourage people to get in touch or make a purchase.



Search Engine OptimizationOn-page SEO Basics

  • Understanding SEO Basics: 5 Minute Fixes: If you’ve been steering clear of SEO on your website, now’s the time to make a New Year’s resolution to give it a chance. We’ve put together some of the easiest SEO fixes you can make to your website that will show big results, and yes, they only take a few minutes!
  • CTR and Bounce Rate – How to Improve Click Behavior: If you’re familiar with some basic SEO but looking for ways to improve it even more, our customer support guru Frank’s post is just right for you. He shows you how to start learning more about your visitors’ behavior and testing page improvements.


Stories from our CustomersThe Old Norse Beard Oil

  • How One Woman Turned Hula Hoops Into a Small Business: You’ve never seen hula hoops like these, trust us! We loved Nina’s story on how she turned a chance encounter into her own business creating and selling what she loves–beautiful, fun, and completely unique hula hoops!
  • Blood, Sweat and Beard Oil: Chris Clarke’s website for his business The Old Norse has become a favorite here at Jimdo. And not just because so many of us have amazing beards. Here he shares his journey of becoming his own boss, figuring out his product, and turning it into a reality.


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