Create a Jimdo Site Even Faster With Suggested Layouts

Suggested layouts

Microwave popcorn, pizza scissors, and bathtub wineglass holders—these are all awesome inventions that make life easier and better. Today, we’re excited to add Suggested Layouts to the list!

Building a website from scratch can be overwhelming, but our new Suggested Layouts makes building your Jimdo site easier than ever.


What are Suggested Layouts?

Suggested Layouts are pre-designed layouts that automatically populate your page with placeholder content and elements based on the layout you’ve selected.

Jimdo Suggested Layouts

Our professional web designers created Suggested Layouts for the most common types of pages on a website: Home, About, Services, Contact, and Photo Gallery pages.


How do Suggested Layouts work?

Before you start adding any content to a newly created page on your website, you’ll first be prompted to choose if you’d like to Create your own layout or Use one of our awesome Suggested Layouts.

Jimdo Suggested Layouts

If you select Choose a Suggested Layout, a popup screen will appear that is filled with various options to choose from. Once you find a layout you like, simply select the layout to view a preview. You’ll see your chosen layout with placeholder content, which gives you an idea of how the layout will look on your site.


Love what you see? Select Use-It and you now have a beautiful layout to work with.

Jimdo Suggested Layouts

If you change your mind and want to remove or pick another Suggested Layout, simply select Undo. This will take you back to the main menu of Suggested Layouts, and you can repeat the process above. No harm done!



Can you make changes to the Suggested Layout you’ve chosen?

Absolutely! We created Suggested Layouts to provide you with a strong design base while still making it easy for you to add your own creative touch.


 Suggested Layouts Jimdo

Suggested Layouts are just that though—a suggestion. Use them as a jumping-off point for creating your personalized website. All Suggested Layouts have placeholder content so you can edit, delete, or add new elements to build the perfect page for your site.


Want to design your website like a professional? Take a look at some of the techniques professional designers use and transform your website from good to great!

Please note that Suggested Layouts are only available for new templates. If you’re still using one of Jimdo’s old templates, this is a perfect time to switch to a newer option. To preview a new template, click on Templates in your Site Admin. There you’ll be able to browse all the new options with your current content. You can also check out our Template Filter, which will help you find a template with all the features you need.


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