We’ve Got the Mojo: Culture at Jimdo

3Founders: Mojo

If you’re asking yourself what we mean by mojo—think magic. Jimdo Mojo is the creative force that makes us feel so good about what we do every day, the reason Jimdo is such a great company to work at.

There’s a passion here at Jimdo for the cool things we make. Stick around the office for a few hours, and you’ll see there’s an equally strong passion for how we do things. That’s why we hired Magda and Sam, and that’s why we liven up Fridays in the office with our Friday lectures. The reason for our investment in ‘feeling good’ is simple: it’s part of who we are, and we believe that it makes Jimdo better and more successful.

Not too long ago it became clear that we were growing in leaps and bounds, and that this spurt wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Between the end of 2010 and now, the Jimdo team doubled in size from around 50 people to over 100. It was right in the middle of this growth spurt that it came to us: we have to make sure we look after…our mojo. Before then, we had simply taken this feeling for granted – it was always there, making every day great. So we started asking ourselves: What can we do to keep the mood in the office as friendly and pleasant as it always has been – or even better. Is it even possible for a company to feel cozy and friendly with such a large team?

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Clearly, with over 100 of us it won’t be possible anymore to get to know every single employee as intensely as when there were only ten of us. But there has got to be a way to grow and still keep the mojo. We want to document our process of thinking about Jimdo Mojo and what we’ve done to support the Jimdo spirit – and make our 100-person office at least as cool as it always has been:

  • Jimdo lifers to the rescue: Why we went to our first-ever “Mojo Sprint” in 2011 with some of our first employees
  • Why mojo is supplanting big brand names and company size as the most important criterion in hiring top talents
  • Tough competition, “tough love” at work? Not here
  • What works (for us) and what doesn’t: tools, lessons, methods
  • One team, several offices: how can we make this work?

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