See Why These Jimdo Templates Are Our Users’ Favorites

Favorite templates at Jimdo

Sidebars, breadcrumbs, dropdowns…picking the perfect template can mean scrolling through a lot of options. How do you find the one template that’s just right?

Well, if you believe in the wisdom of crowds, you might go with the templates that your fellow Jimdo users like best. With over 15 million websites and counting, there are some templates that keep rising to the top as our users’ favorites. Why not start there?

The following templates have been tried and tested by Jimdo users and still rank among our most popular. Take a look and see why!

Still using an old Jimdo template? In August 2014, we updated all our templates and added lots of new options. While you can keep using old templates, we encourage you to try out the new ones, especially since they are responsive and support our new features. Check out our Template Filter to see the different options.



1. Zurich

You probably know that Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, but did you know that letterboxes in Zurich have two slots — one for letters and one for packages? Efficiency at it’s finest!

And that’s a good way to describe our versatile Zurich template, too. Zurich has three distinct parts: a Header at the top to show off a large image, a wide, open Content Area for your main information, and a Sidebar (on the bottom, actually) in a different color to highlight any information you want to have on every page. The result is no muss, no fuss—just an easy way to structure your website no matter what your topic is.

Zurich’s flexible design makes it a natural fit for photo galleries, portfolios, and multilingual websites. Just remember that with its sleek, short navigation menu (and no dropdown menus), it’s not ideal for websites with a lot of subpages.

Anne Hufnagel photographer

Why we love Zurich

  • Versatile template: Zurich is a flexible template that’s an amazing choice for almost any type of site. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out these awesome websites built with Zurich to get inspiration for your own site.
  • Easy to read horizontal sub-navigation: Zurich’s navigation sits just below the main header and above the rest of your content. Visitors will then focus on the different pages your site offers and ultimately, what your site has to offer.
  • Bottom sidebar: Zurich’s sidebar sits at the bottom of the site. This means that it doesn’t take away any real estate from your main content area, like a sidebar on the left or right does. Not sure what type of sidebar you need? Check out our handy sidebar guide.
  • Large header area for background images: Zurich’s hero area allows you to immediately grab your visitors attention with a dramatic and eye-catching hero image.
  • Wide content area: Since Zurich’s content area is so wide, you can easily show off full-width images or blog posts. Remember, use the Columns Elements and Photo Elements to break up the space and make the text easier to read.

Zurich Design Tip:

Use large typography and lots of white space to enhance the clean structure of Zurich.

2. Berlin

The City of Berlin is home to the East Side Gallery, the longest open-air art gallery in the world. Our Berlin template echoes this multilayered, eclectic approach. With Berlin, your background image shows across the entire screen and down the length of the page, not just in the Header Area as in some other templates. Your Content Area is layered on top where it can really pop, especially if you feature a large photograph there.

Though Berlin is one of our newer templates, it’s quickly claimed one of the top spots in our users’ eyes.

Physio Quandt

Why we love Berlin:

  • Berlin’s large, full-screen background image adds character to your website and makes your Content Area stand out.
  • Berlin is easy to navigate, with both clear drop-down menus in your navigation and breadcrumb trails once you get to subpages. This means it can be a good template for websites with lots of pages.
  • Unlike Zurich, Berlin has a narrower Content Area, which can make it easier to organize the text and photos on your page, and easier to focus your readers’ attention.

Berlin Design Tip:

Because your Content Area will sit over your background image, the center of your background image will be covered up. That means it’s best to use a background image that’s a landscape or more abstract, rather than a photograph with a central focal point.  If you want more of your background image to show, try adjusting the opacity of your Content Area (in other words, making it more transparent).

3. Rio de Janeiro

Want to show off striking photographs from your portfolio or product photos from your online store? Picture perfect Rio will do all this and more. Like the city itself, the Rio template is an attention grabber. There is a huge display area on the homepage to give your photos the space they need, and the Content Area also provides lots of space to display photo galleries and slideshows.

Rio has been a user favorite since we introduced it, and it’s easy to see why.

Studio 23 Architecture Interieur

Why we love Rio:

  • A simple, user-centered navigation bar: Rio is pure simplicity — no cumbersome subpages or dropdowns. That’s why it works perfectly with a clean horizontal navigation and websites that have a small number of pages.
  • Lots of room on each page: Rio has a wide content area, which provides you with lots of space for your content and images. Don’t forget to break up your text using the Columns Element rather than stretching it all the way across the screen!
  • A versatile header and logo area: Rio offers you the choice to flaunt a prominent logo or leave the area entirely blank, and no one would be the wiser. Take a look at how 10 Jimdo users have made Rio entirely their own.
  • Images take center stage: Not to harp on but did we mention how amazing your photographs will look in Rio?! Make sure though that you’re using high-quality images. If you don’t have the right images yet, try some of our recommendations for free stock image sites.

Rio Design Tip:

Why choose just one background photo when you can show off so many more? Easily set up a slideshow background by selecting Background from the Style Editor and then choosing the Slideshow option.



Have you been inspired to change your template to one of our most popular templates? Or are you still wondering if the template you currently have is the right fit for your website? Learn how to pick the perfect template and check out our awesome Template Tutorial.

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