Awesome Jimdo Websites Using the Malaga Template

Malaga template header

Ask Jimdo Experts for their favorite Jimdo template, and they’ll probably tell you all about Malaga. Clean and modern, Malaga is a go-to template for business websites. But, as you’ll see from the examples below, a “business website” doesn’t have to be boring. Malaga is also versatile enough to use for online stores, portfolio sites, and more.

Check out these top reasons why Malaga is a designer favorite, and learn some of the best ways to make Malaga work on your own website.

Jimdo Malaga Template

Why we love Malaga

  • Fixed navigation bar that stays in place while you scroll: Your logo and main navigation menu are always visible at the top of the screen, which makes your website easier for people to get around.
  • Plenty of space on each page: With Malaga, the “sidebar” is actually on the bottom, so nothing gets in the way of your main content area. You have a really wide space to work with, and any links or icons you need can go at the bottom of the page.
  • Shows your main information right away: Some templates, like Rio de Janeiro, have large “hero areas” at the top of every page. Not Malaga. Hero areas are great for showing off a large photograph, logo, or slogan. But if you’d rather cut to the chase and show your main content right away, Malaga is a great choice.
  • Great for websites with lots of pages: Malaga’s dropdown menus and breadcrumb trail make it easy to add subpages. This makes it an excellent option for online stores.



How to make Malaga look great on your website

Malaga is one of Jimdo’s most flexible templates. Here are a few tricks to making it look its best.

  • Malaga has a small logo area: You’ll notice the logos on these sample websites appear small compared to other templates like Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona. That’s because Malaga has a fairly small logo area, which makes your navigation bar a bit more streamlined. If you have your heart set on showing off your logo at a larger size, you might choose another template, or you can add your logo as a Photo Element to the content area of your website.
  • Keep your navigation menu to one line: Templates like Malaga that have horizontal navigation bars look best when they don’t break onto a second line. That means you should limit the number of pages in your navigation to about 7 items (or whatever fits best).
  • Use the Columns Element to organize your content: Because Malaga has such a wide open content area, you’ll want to give your pages a clear structure. Use the Columns Element to neatly place elements side by side, create white space, and keep everything organized. Otherwise your elements might look jumbled together.

Real Jimdo Websites Using the Malaga Template



LouLoute Jimdo

LouLoute’s website is a DIYer’s dream. We love their short, simple homepage and the way they use the Photo Gallery Element to show off their latest projects. Notice that their logo is still easy to read at the smaller size.



New Zealand company Jandeys has made a website and online store that perfectly reflect their laid-back style. We love the way they present their awesome product photos front-and-center on their homepage. Their clear navigation menu and neatly-organized footer make it a breeze for customers to find exactly what they need.



black yeti jimdo

Black Yeti’s website makes great use of Malaga’s open, flexible content area. Notice how they’ve used Columns Elements to keep everything neatly aligned. Colorful, professional product photos and fun, stylistic fonts and colors really make this website stand out. We also like how they’ve installed a live chat widget right on their homepage so they can immediately answer customers’ questions.


Partner Solutions Capital

Partner Solutions Capital

The Partner Solutions Capital website, built by Jimdo Expert QuarkPixel, really shows off what Malaga can do. We love the striking, full-width background image and the way the colors complement the logo and buttons throughout. We also like the friendly, professional team page, which lets customers know exactly who they’ll be working with.




Who says a dry cleaning website would have to be…well, dry? Not this one from PLEATS. We love the colors they used and the crisp, clean design with pops of orange color. You’ll notice that this website, built from a 99designs contest, uses our one-page website approach.


Alex Morar

Alex Morar Jimdo

Graphic designer Alex Morar takes Malaga in a different direction by skipping the top navigation entirely. He does this by hiding the pages in his Edit Navigation menu and making the menu bar transparent in Jimdo’s Style Editor. The result? His website and graphics grab your attention right away. We also love his attention to small details, including the icons he uses and his favicon.




Wanderpreneurs Jimdo

The world travelers behind Wanderpreneurs have a website to match their carefree spirit. We also love the way they use the video background feature on their inspiration page. This website has some custom touches added by designer QuarkPixel, but its underlying structure is classic Malaga.

Want to try Malaga on your own website?  Go to Templates in your Site Admin to open the Template Selector, then choose Malaga from the list. Don’t have a Jimdo site yet?  Start a free website with the Malaga template here.

Maggie is a writer and editor for Jimdo. In her previous work, she edited for organizations covering the environment, cities, and sustainable business. When she’s not adding serial commas, you can find her camping, cooking, or reading science magazines.