Awesome Jimdo Websites Using the Stockholm Template

Stockholm template Jimdo

What’s beautiful, welcoming, and much easier to put together than an Ikea NORNÄS? (Not that we’ve had any trouble with that in the past…) It’s the Stockholm Template!

In six short months, “Stockholm” has quickly become one of our most popular templates. Though it screams out to photographers, it’s equally useful for online stores and even cooking blogs. Check out these real Jimdo customers using the Stockholm template, and see why it has captured so many people’s hearts (and websites).

Why we love Jimdo’s Stockholm Template

Jimdo stockholm example
Here are some of our favorite features of the Stockholm template, featured on
  • It’s all in your head(er): With Stockholm, you get the best of both worlds: a large header area on your homepage (aka a hero area), and a smaller header area on other pages. That way you can make a big, splashy statement on your homepage but get down to business (and make more room for your content) on other pages.
  • Nimble navigation: Are you being followed? Yes, yes you are….Stockholm’s navigation bar is “sticky,” so it follows your visitors as they scroll down the page.
  • “You are here”: With Stockholm, there’s no need to pull over and ask for directions. This template has both dropdown menus and a breadcrumb trail, so finding the right subpage is always a cinch.
  • Stockholm <3s logos: Stockholm’s all about flexibility. If you have a logo you love, you can put it front-and-center in Stockholm’s large Logo Area. But if you don’t have a logo, Stockholm’s header still looks great with just one large photograph.



Websites Examples with the Stockholm Template

Science Meets Sweets

Biochemist/baker is a job title you might not hear very often, but that describes the unique perspective of Nikola on her bilingual blog Science Meets Sweets. We love the combination of her mouth-watering food photographs and her hand-drawn illustrations to explain the science of what’s going on in your kitchen. If you want to know how to make candy, or if you’ve wondered how gelatin actually works, you’ve come to the right place.

Jimdo Stockholm Example

Jill Heyer

Jill Heyer is a web designer and photographer—and, drumroll please….the template designer at Jimdo who created Stockholm in the first place. Thanks, Jill! She uses her Stockholm template as a portfolio website to show off her beautiful photographs and other works.

Stockholm Example Jimdo

Ouver Coffee

With beautiful product photos and a clear, grid-like organization, the Ouver website is as balanced and smooth as its coffee. They also cleverly use Stockholm’s navigation menu to split the website into two different languages. (Check out this post for more tips on creating a bilingual website).

Stockholm Example Jimdo

Sun Tree Studio

Can a website evoke a feeling? Artist Nata Pestune makes you feel like it’s Sunday morning, you’re sitting at the kitchen table, and the world is quiet—all the better to clear your mind and enjoy the beauty of her porcelain and stoneware. Notice how her website is almost monochromatic, but still feels warm and welcoming.



Suntree Studio Jimdo Stockholm

Le Vélo

You may recognize bicycle craftsman Senad’s website from one of our original TV commercials. Le Vélo used to use the Zurich template but recently made the switch to Stockholm. We love how the website uses consistent photography and coloring to create its distinctive look.

Le velo jimdo stockholm

What do Awesome Stockholm Websites Have in Common?

These websites all have different businesses, different aesthetics, and different goals, but they share some common traits that make the Stockholm template work perfectly for them:

  • High-quality photographs: Because Stockholm is so photogenic, it needs good photographs as its foundation. Cell phone pictures or small images blown up to size probably won’t work well here.
  • Short navigation menus: Stockholm’s horizontal navigation menu looks best when it only has a few items in it. If you have so many pages that your menu is breaking onto two lines, you may want to rearrange things or try a different template with more space.
  • Sticking to a grid: Stockholm has a wide-open content area that makes it extremely flexible. With all that open space, it pays to be even more conscientious about keeping everything neat and aligned. Try using Columns Elements to make all your different pieces line up, or use Photo Gallery Elements to fit lots of photos on one page. And however you decide to set up your pages, try to keep the layout consistent from page to page.

Remember, you can always explore other awesome Jimdo websites on our Examples Page, and we add more all the time! If you have your own awesome Stockholm template website, let us know in the comments.

Maggie is a writer and editor for Jimdo. In her previous work, she edited for organizations covering the environment, cities, and sustainable business. When she’s not adding serial commas, you can find her camping, cooking, or reading science magazines.