Writer’s Block? Try These Great Ideas For Your Blog

Writers block? Try these great topics
Illustration by Noam Weiner

There it sits, staring you contemptuously in the face—that blank sheet of paper (whether it’s an A4 or a Word doc on your laptop). Where just a moment ago you had 1000 ideas, now you start to feel your motivation floundering like a wobbly house of cards.

Diagnosis: writer’s block. I get it when I don’t know how to start. Or, if my idea is blown out of the water and I just don’t know what else I can write. In these cases, I have a backup plan, a small list of tried and tested topics that I would like to share with you today…

Every day you can find endless information online, from articles, advertisements or websites of every kind. Which is great, as a blogger this means that you don’t have to post every day to keep your subscribers interested. Quality wins over quantity— posting something just for the sake of it, hasn’t worked for a long time.

Fortunately, as I find, because I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with banal topics, but offer them selected and (in my opinion) valuable content. I imagine it’s the same for you. But how do you think of enough valuable content to post on a regular basis? Because let’s be quite honest: A company blog with the last entry from two years ago just looks a bit sad.

That is why this article deals with content which works beautifully for any blog. The suggestions may seem pretty general at first glance but this is also deliberate. So you have the necessary scope for interpretation and to adjust the content to your subject area and personal style.

After all, your blog is about you, your niche, your company and it is up to you as experts to fill the topics accordingly. So here we go!


1. “Behind the Scenes” topics

This is personal because it’s about you. Invite your readers to get to know you as a person, project or company. We’ve also done this occasionally at Jimdo, check out our ten year anniversary post.

Possible topics:

  • 10 fun facts about you or your company
  • The day you started your business
  • The story behind your brand name
  • Do you have a motto or is there a quote that inspires you? Write about it: Why are these words important to you?
  • Do you have a role model? An important founder personality? Why does this person inspire you?
  • A day in your life


 2. Expert topics

Do you work in a specialized industry? Is it important for you to establish yourself as an expert in this niche? Then it might be a good idea for you to share your knowledge on your blog. You’ll find these topics particularly easy and as a plus, it’s great for your search engine optimization (SEO). If someone searches for relevant topics in your industry and your post pops up, that gives you some great publicity, credibility and traffic.

  • Current trends and what you think about them
  • X Things that everyone in your area should be watching / using / trying out
  • Best practices
  • What trends can you confidently ignore: “Do not believe the hype!”
  • The number 1 rule for …

In the 8Days Jimdo blog, we also like to let experts or guest writers write about their areas of expertise, for example, Robert Brandl’s post on email newsletters.


3. Top picks and favorites

This isn’t about choosing random favorite things or activities that you like but about those that represent your subject or to which you can build a relevant connection. For a coach, it doesn’t make sense for you to write about your favorite food as a kid. However, as a food blogger—in combination with the right recipe… The great thing about the favorite is that it can be applied to any industry. For example: 

  • Favorite books that have helped or inspired you with your company
  • The best tools you can use
  • The best and most inspiring blogs on …
  • My favorite podcasts on the topic …
  • Helpful apps

We like to show you beautiful websites from other Jimdo users, for example, 10 Jimdo Sites Using the Barcelona Template.


4. Share your experience

As Jimdo co-founder Christian once said: “You either have a good time or a good story.” Right he is. Sure, I also have some good stories of experiences which have been a lot of fun but the opposite is also true. You can draw from these experiences to talk about everything you learned or convert them into valuable tips. Even better, when you talk about an experience that wasn’t so great and can explain what you learned from it that makes you sound more human and genuine to your audience.

  • X Things I would have liked to know before I …
  • Something you learned last year
  • Something you learned at the start of your company
  • The best advice you have ever received
  • The worst piece of advice you’ve ever had (without mentioning the source or resort to finger pointing, that’s not so nice.)

In our 8Days Jimdo blog, for example, Fridel our founder speaks about his experiences traveling around Asia and speaking to other entrepreneurs.


5. Ideas and tips

Writing tips and suggestions isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s also appreciated by readers. Because honestly who can say no to valuable information packaged in a short text? We can’t. Can you?

  • Where do you get inspiration from? (Ideas for sources? Short tips?)
  • 15 or 30 minute quick fixes
  • How to start…
  • How to finish…
  • X strategies on how to make X easier
  • Funny negative lists such as “A Guide to Being Unhappy.”

At Jimdo, we always love to show you new tips, tricks, and inspiration for your website—to find more check out our “website tips” section in the 8Days blog!

I hope some of you could get some ideas for your upcoming posts. If you have any further tips and tricks you’d like to share with us on how you get inspiration for your blog, please let us know on our Facebook page!

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