Support small businesses: 9 unique gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season

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Need some inspiration? We’ve put together the perfect gift guide for you just in time for the end of the year rush. Here are nine handmade products from small business-owners – made with love and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your loved one. 

Lichtblickkerzen by Anja

What would all those dark winter evenings be without warm lights? Probably pretty joyless and not that  cozy. That’s what Anja, head and hands behind Lichtblickkerzen, thinks: „Candles are like confetti for the soul!“ She discovered her joy for candle dipping in the midst of her turbulent parental leave. Today, this hobby has almost a meditative character for the mom of two kids. With her colorful wax creations, she wants to spread joy and put a smile on your face. Whether it’s a skandi, vintage or pastel look – you’ll find the right candle for dark days for every taste and every home in Anja’s Jimdo online store.

(Shipping to Germany and EU-Countries)     

Benjamin Stuht

Benjamin is a true master at woodturning. A piece of wood turns into bowls, vases or even jewelry in his hands. He uses copper, resin, leather and stainless steel to give his creations that extra something. The results are individual, handmade works of art made of wood, which he sells in his Jimdo online store. A great gift for interior design lovers who have a soft spot for sturdy materials.

(Shipping worldwide)   

Bonda by Annika

Something good for your loved ones and something good for the world? That’s what you get at Jimdo online store Bonda. Sustainable natural care products and women empowerment – that’s Annika’s mission, founder of Bonda. The starting point for this was a trip to Guatemala, where Annika learned about the systemic discrimination of women in the region. With her natural cosmetics, she is tackling this inequality: She uses part of the money to support local aid organizations that provide help for those affected. All of Bonda’s products are certified by NATRUE as natural cosmetics and are packaged sustainably.

(Shipping to Germany, EU-Countries and some Non-EU-Countries in Europe)

HofKitchen by Lorenz

Cooking is Lorenz’s thing. For many years he worked as a star chef in restaurant kitchens around the world, but he always longed for more contact with his guests. That’s why he started his project HofKitchen in 2017. An event location which allows Lorenz to combine everything that is important to him: organic cuisine, a love for regional products and, above all, cooking together with his guests. His cooking classes take place live on site in Pastetten, Bavaria, or online. The course selection covers all culinary categories: With Taco Thursday, American BBQ, veggie cuisine or brunch menu, there is something for every taste. You can find an overview in Lorenz Jimdo Onlineshop. A great gift for all foodies!

(Possible to join in from all over the world! Lorenz is originally from the US , so the classes can be done in English as well.)

And some magic by Sarah 

The holidays are always a bit magical – just like our next gift idea! Globetrotter Sarah has always been passionate about things that have a deeper meaning or a story of their own. From her many travels, she brings back vintage beads, shells, and gemstones and uses them to craft fine and unique pieces of jewelry that she sells in her Jimdo online store. Not only do they look chic, but they are also meant to protect, empower and accompany the wearer on their own individual journey. Perfect for the upcoming year 2022!

(Shipping to Germany and EU-Countries)

Confiserie Rafael Mutter

It is a well-known fact that chocolate makes you happy. Confiserie Rafael Mutter knows this too. They have been producing sweets for over 50 years and two generations. Despite the long tradition, they always come up with new ideas: Of course, they offer the classic chocolates, but also unusual creations such as strawberry-mint and raspberry-balsamic. Each of the more than 60 varieties is handmade with love. The perfect „this year we’re not buying anything” gift.

(Shipping to Germany, EU-Countries and some Non-EU-Countries in Europe)

Los Altona

The perfect gift for coffee fans and hobby baristas: At Los Altona you get high quality, hand-roasted coffee, produced under fair working conditions. Amanda and her husband Onno make sure of that by being in direct contact with the local cooperatives. The couple met on a Colombian coffee farm and soon after they were selling their own coffee at the organic market in Hamburg Ottensen. By now, thanks to their Jimdo online store, they ship their two specialty roasts, „Italian Wake Up Espresso“ and „Brazilian Direct Trade“ all over Germany and EU-Countries.  

Wildwasserfarben by Franzi and Maria

Letterings, watercolors and illustrations that not only look beautiful, but also send a message: That’s what you get in the Jimdo online store from Wildwasserfarben. Franzi and Maria are creative minds, best friends and mothers. They know there are these days when you feel overwhelmed by everything. With their artwork, they want to spread color and joy, but at the same time they want to encourage: „It’s about not taking everything so seriously and realizing that you’re never alone.“ A great Christmas message, we think.

(Shipping to Germany and EU-Countries)

Hamburger Stadthonig

Honey tastes especially good when it doesn’t come from the supermarket shelf, but directly from the local producer. Maxim is a beekeeper with heart and soul and sells a very special honey through his Jimdo online store: Hamburger Stadthonig, honey produced in the city of Hamburg. Unlike industrial honey, Maxim’s product is natural and unprocessed, which means the honey keeps its intense, unadulterated flavor. Do you have true nature lovers among your loved ones? Then we have the perfect gift idea: Hamburger Stadthonig also offers bee sponsorships! A really special gift – also for the environment!

(Shipping to Germany, EU-Countries and some Non-EU-Countries in Europe)

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Katharina ist Content Creator bei Jimdo und immer auf der Suche nach inspirierenden Geschichten von Menschen, die für ihre Leidenschaft brennen. In ihrer Freizeit kocht sie gerne, ist viel mit Freunden oder in der Natur unterwegs.
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