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The easiest way to build a website: Tell us the name of your business, choose a design, and create a tailor-made website in minutes with Dolphin.

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We know what's on a really good website. With Dolphin, your website has everything you need for your project right from the start—including text and photos. This saves you time and effort.

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Automatic website creation with Jimdo Dolphin
"Over 10 years and 20 million sites, we've learned what makes a really good website. Now we've put all of that knowledge into Dolphin, so you can build exactly the website you need for your project, with all the pieces ready to go."
Matthias Henze, Jimdo's CEO and co-founder

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Your photos
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Finding just the right photos for your website can be a challenge—until now. Dolphin makes it easy by providing matching, high-quality images. And when you connect your social media accounts, we'll automatically integrate your best images from Facebook, Instagram, and more—so you can finish your website quickly.

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Jimdo Feature: Google Places integration for photos.


for every device

Mobile-friendly? Try mobile-perfect. Build and edit your website on a phone, tablet, or computer, with no apps and no hassle. Make changes on-the-go, and know that your website is mobile responsive and looks perfect on every device.

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Editing a Jimdo website via mobile

Hello, beautiful

Check out our sample sites

Fast. Finished. Beautiful! Check out some of our example websites and see what's possible.

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Got more questions?

Our FAQ is here to help with answers to some of your questions about Dolphin.

  • Why are there two versions of Jimdo now?

    Jimdo has two types of website builder because people like to build their websites in different ways:
    The well-known Creator is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to dive into the creative process and build their own website from the ground up.
    Dolphin helps you step by step, and it's perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful, customized website that's up and running quickly.

  • What's the difference between Dolphin and Jimdo Creator?

    Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin offer two different ways to create a website:
    Jimdo Creator is our full-featured website builder with the most functionality. It's ideal for anyone who wants to create their own website from the ground up.
    Jimdo Dolphin is best for someone who wants to create a website quickly and easily. By answering a few short questions, we'll help you build a site that's tailor-made for you in just a few minutes.

  • Can I create a blog or online shop with Dolphin?

    Jimdo Creator is still the ideal solution for blogs and shops. Jimdo Dolphin does not currently include blog or shop options.

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