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Register a Custom Domain for Your Website

Short, unique and memorable—the three characteristics of a perfect domain.


What is a domain?

A domain is your website’s address and is also called a URL. In most cases, a domain name includes a company name and ending (like .com or .net). A personalized web address strengthens your brand and helps visitors remember you.

Why do you need a domain?

A custom URL makes your website look professional and builds trust. It represents you and your website. A unique domain name also makes your website easier to find via search engines like Google.

A happy business owner working on her Jimdo website

How to buy your domain with Jimdo

  1. Create your Jimdo website. Jimdo asks you a few questions and quickly gathers your business information from places like Google and Facebook.
  2. Choose a design. We’ll use the photos and text you already have, or provide personalized content to get you started.
  3. Claim your domain name. Jimdo will automatically suggest domain names that match your website. Just choose one of our premium plans that include a custom domain to get started (also available as an upgrade).

Domain FAQ

Open Laptop displaying the Jimdo Domain Search and available domain extensions

Do you already have a domain?

Transfer your existing domain and connect it to your Jimdo website for free. Get your website and domain all in one place.

* Applies to the first contractual term. When you purchase a Creator plan, this offer applies exclusively to domains with the following domain endings: com, net, org, biz, info, de, at, ch, fr, eu, nl, com.mx, es, co.uk, it, ru, рф, pl, be, com.pl, se, me, li, name. When you purchase a Dolphin plan, you receive a discount to the value of the cost of a domain for the first contractual term and the offer applies exclusively to domains with the following domain endings: com, net, org, info, de, at, ch, es, it, fr, nl. The cost of the domain upon renewal of the contract is 20 € per year. A domain registered with a different provider can be connected to your website for free.

** All prices listed per month. Billed annually.