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The Boost App Data Protection Notice

The Basics

Via this Boost Data Protection Notice, we, the Jimdo GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Jimdo” or “we”) wish to hereby inform Boost Users (hereinafter referred to as the “Boost User”) as to the purpose, type and extent of the processing of personal information undertaken by Jimdo via the Jimdo mobile Boost App. Subject thereto the following Jimdo Mobile Boost App Data Protection Notice (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Protection Notice)” applies in addition to the general Jimdo Privacy Policy which can be viewed at any time under the following link: https://www.jimdo.com/info/privacy/ The responsible body for this data processing within the meaning of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) is the Jimdo GmbH, Stresemannstrasse 375, 22761 Hamburg, Germany https://www.jimdo.com/info/about/

Data Protection Officer: Jimdo has appointed an external data protection officer pursuant to Art 37 GDPR, namely:

³ | Informationstechnologie
Andreas Bethke
Papenbergallee 34
25548 Kellinghusen

This Data Protection Notice applies to our mobile app, the " Boost App". The Jimdo Mobile Boost App is hereinafter referred to as the “Boost App” or the “Boost App Services”.

Jimdo collects, processes and uses personal data in accordance with the requirements of the German Data Protection Act and in accordance with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order to provide the Boost App.

The Boost App

The Boost App is designed to assist and encourage the development of the Jimdo website, i.e. the presentation of the Boost User’s online business via their website, as interactively as possible. For this purpose, Jimdo provides the Boost User with tips, hints, information, recommendations and statistical data in the Boost App.

On the basis of the data and information provided by the Boost User in the course of using the Boost App, Jimdo will also provide the User with more individualized services, tips, recommendations and information. All of this information may contain links to services and offers from third parties. These recommendations and information are not to be understood as approval of the external websites or the services offered on/via the external website.

Data Security

The Boost User’s data is protected by appropriate technical and organizational security measures in order to minimize the risks associated with the loss, destruction, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or distribution. For example, we use firewalls and data encryption, as well as physical access restrictions for our data centers and data access authorization controls. The data of the Boost User is transmitted in encrypted form. Jimdo uses the SSL encryption. In connection with the use of the Boost App, for purposes of data and security, our systems temporarily store, data that may allow the user to be identified. Such Log-Information is completely anonymized after 7 days.

All possible processing of personally identifying information for the purposes of data and system security is carried out on the basis of Art. 6 (1) (1( (f) GDPR, as well as on the basis of our legitimate interest in securing our systems and preventing misuse.

Saving and Deletion of Personal Data in the Boost App

Unless otherwise stated or specified in this Data Protection Notice, the personal data collected by the Boost App will be stored until Jimdo is requested by the Boost User to delete the data, the corresponding consent to save the data is revoked or the purpose for saving the data no longer applies. If there is a legal obligation to save the data or any other legally recognized reason for continued storage of the data (e.g. legitimate interest), the relevant personal data will not be deleted until the respective reason for storing the data no longer applies. As concerns in-app usage analysis, this data will be anonymized upon termination of the contractual relationship so that Jimdo may continue to use such data, in anonymized form in order to improve the Boost App experience for the Boost User.

Legal Basis for the Processing

The processing of personal data is only permitted where there is an effective legal basis for the processing of such data. The processing of the Boost User’s data is regularly carried out on the basis of their consent in accordance with Article 6 (1) ( a) GDPR (e.g. if they voluntarily enters their data in a registration or contact form),or in order to perform a contract in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR (e.g. when using other fee based app functions) or on the basis of legitimate interests in accordance with Article 6 (1)(f) GDPR. Our legitimate interests are always weighed against the interests of the Boost User (e.g. as part of advertising measures). The relevant legal bases is specified separately throughout this Data Protection Notice

Using the App

The Jimdo Account

The Boost User can only use the Boost App as a registered Jimdo Premium Package/Plan User. The Boost User must have an active Jimdo account in order to log in to the App.

Usage / Tracking Data

When using the Boost App, technical data is automatically transferred to Jimdo. Such data includes the following:

Device identifiers and identification numbers App version Operating system and version used Language settings Date and time

The legal basis for this collection and processing of data is Article 6(1) (1) (b) and f GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the provision of functional Boost App Services and the security of their systems. We also use the aforementioned data in anonymized form for statistical purposes, as well as to improve our online services.

Data Usage and Services in the Boost App

Data that the Boost User provides to Jimdo in the course of using the Boost App will be used by Jimdo primarily for the specific purpose for which the Boost User originally provided or transmitted the respective data. This applies, for example, to the initial setup of the Boost App or logging into the relevant account, contacting Jimdo Customer Support and, in particular, responding to enquiries and identifying information, products and activities for the further development or success of the Boost User’s Website within Jimdo's definition of "success", which is presented through the tips and steps of the Boost App and which match the information provided by the Boost User and the preferences determined in this respect.

Die Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten erfolgt insoweit zur Durchführung der Leistungserbringung gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 Satz 1 lit. b DSGVO, und/oder auf Grundlage einer Einwilligung gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 Satz 1 lit. a DSGVO und/oder gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 Satz 1 lit. f DSGVO zur Wahrung unserer berechtigten Interessen an der Bereitstellung und dem Betrieb der Boost App Dienstleistungen. The processing of personal data is carried out in this respect in order to provide our Boost App Service and/or on the basis of consent and/or in order to safeguard our legitimate interests in the provision and operation of the Boost App and Boost App services.

Personalization of Boost Tips, Recommendations and Content

By using analysis techniques (explained in detail below under "Using analysis techniques"), Jimdo can track the Boost User's progress in the Boost App.

This so called usage information that we receive from Boost Users helps us to continuously improve the user experience and make it more customer friendly for all Boost Users. The information provided and automatically transmitted by the Boost User is used to create services tailored to them and their interests. We use existing information, such as usage and analysis data, receipt of and reading of stories and push notifications, information about the computer/mobile device and connection to the Internet, the operating system and platform, the service history, date and time of the app visit and also products and content viewed by the Boost User. This data processing is carried out in order to provide an individual and personalized Boost App service and to protect our legitimate interests in the optimized provision of this Service.

In this way we seek to achieve our main goal with the Boost App, that is to be able to advise and encourage the Boost User in the development of their website via the Boost App services, as well as to send them more personalized recommendations, information, hints and tips.

Feedback Requests

To enable us to improve our services and to be able to consider individual suggestions for improvement, we carry out feedback surveys - subject to the Boost User’s consent. Such feedback requests can be submitted via email and/or via chat or personal conversation. We look forward to your participation and constructive criticism. The legal basis for feedback requests and corresponding data processing is the consent of the Boost User, whereby the evaluation of user experiences lies primarily in our interest in evaluating and optimising our Boost App services.

Data Transfers

The personal data of the Boost User will only be passed on to external service providers if this is necessary for the purpose of contract performance, including billing or to fulfill the stated purpose for the collection and storage of the data, or if the Boost User has provided their consent in advance. Personal data transferred in this way may only be used by our service providers for the fulfillment of the respective task.

Otherwise, in as far as we cooperate with service providers, especially as concerns the technical operation of the Boost App, we take appropriate contractual as well as technically appropriate measures in order to protect the personal data of the Boost User.

The legal basis for the data processing lies in our legitimate interest in the enabling of an appropriate and comfortable Boost App Service, from a technical perspective, and as regards content, as well as an efficient and user optimized layout and organization of the technical and organizational processes of the Boost App and Boost App Services.


Push Notifications

From time to time and in order to keep them up to date on events, technical news, page activity, new stories, new page visitors, new tips, recommendations, analytics reports and current website statistics etc., we send push notifications to those Boost Users, that have enabled this function on their mobile device. Without the consent of the Boost User, the Boost App cannot send a push notification to the Boost User. The Boost User can adjust the permissions for push notifications in the iOS or Android settings of their mobile device, at any time.

Tracking and the Use of Analytics

Jimdo has an economic interest in the Boost Users satisfaction with the Boost App. In order for the Boost User to find the Boost Services or to have the Services in the form of tips, recommendations and hints that interest them, displayed to them and for Jimdo to be able to design a user-friendly Boost App, Jimdo analyses the usage behaviour of the Boost Users anonymously and pseudonymously. The tracking via Google Analytics™ enables an optimal data flow over the entire interaction of the Boost User in the Boost App.

In the following paragraphs, we provide general information on the various purposes and techniques of such analysis of behavior and use, as well as the opt out options. As a precaution we would like to point out that where tracking is deactivated the Boost User may not be able to use all functions of the Boost App. Given the data driven nature of the Boost App, the Boost User will continuously be informed as to the advantages of such analysis e.g. via Google Analytics in the Boost App.

Google Analytics™ Website Statistics

The Website Statistics feature offered by Jimdo is based on Google Analytics™(a web analytics service provided by Google Ireland Limited) and is activated by the Boost User in the Boost App or via their Jimdo website, in order for Jimdo to track their website visitor activity (on behalf of the User), or rather the visits and interactions with their Jimdo website by site visitors and customers. Further information on the Website Statistics function can be found in the Boost Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Jimdo Privacy Policy. When website statistics are activated, anonymised statistical data is automatically collected by Google Analytics™ . A personal identification of the statistical data is not possible. This data is stored anonymously by Jimdo for 50 months. The Boost App can be used without activating the website statistics. In this case, however, the measurability of some tips and recommendations is not possible.

In App Tracking with Google Analytics™

As part of the Boost App delivery, Jimdo uses Google Analytics ™ to analyze the Boost user's individual activities in the context of their website and to generate a personalized user experience. With active Tracking and/or Google Analytics™ automatically pseudonymized Boost User data are collected.

The Boost app can be used without activating In-App Tracking. In this case, however, the display of some tips and related analysis is not possible.

In view of the data-controlled nature of the Boost App, the user is continuously informed in the App about the advantages of the analysis procedure (e.g. by using Google Analytics™usw.).

Technical Platform and In-App Data Analysis /Tracking with Firebase

When using external service providers (Processors), we ensure that the data processing complies with German and European data protection standards by means of appropriate contracts with the service providers. As a technical platform for the Boost App and in order to better understand the functionality of the services on your device, Jimdo uses the mobile analysis software “Firebase”, which is a product of Google Ireland Ltd. (Google Ireland Limited, Google Building Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland. Hereinafter referred to as “Google”) and offers a range of functions.

Firebase Analytics uses methods that allow the app user to analyze how the Boost App is being used, specifically what features of the Boost App are being accessed, how often the Boost App is opened or uninstalled.

We also use Firebase Crash Reporting to stabilize and improve the Boost App. It collects information about the device used by the Boost User and the use of the Boost App (such as the timestamp of when the app was started and when a malfunction occurred) that allows us to diagnose malfunctions and successfully solve them.

We use the Firebase Cloud Messaging service to send push messages or so-called in-app messages to the Boost User on their device.

We also use Firebase Remote Config, which allows us to customize the behavior and appearance of the Boost App without having to download a new version.

When using Firebase, the data of the Boost User is only collected in anonymous form and is not linked to any other data stored by Google. Google uses the advertising ID of the end device for this purpose. Google will use the collected data to evaluate the use of the Boost App and to provide us with further services associated with the use of the Apps. The use of the advertising ID can be restricted in the device settings (iOS: Data Protection/Advertising/ No Ad Tracking; Android: Account/ Google/ Ads). Google Analytics for Firebase (Google Inc.).

Google LLC has certified their compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and thereby provides a guarantee to comply with European data protection law. The data sent and linked to the Google Analytics cookies, e.g. user IDs or advertising IDs will be automatically deleted after 50 months. The deletion of data whose retention period has been reached is carried out automatically, once a month.

The legal basis for the use and evaluation of the data and use of Firebase is our legitimate interest, i.e. the interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of the Boost App.

Further information on the Google Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found under the Google Analytics Terms and Conditions or under the Google Analytics Overview.

Your Rights

According to the relevant legislation, including the GDPR, the Boost User has certain rights in relation to their personal data that is processed by Jimdo via the Boost App. In particular, they have a right to information(Art. 15 GDPR), correction (Art. 16 GDPR), transferability(Art. 20 GDPR) or deletion or restriction of processing of their data (Art. 17 and 18 GDPR). The Boost User also has the right to object to certain processing of their data (Art. 21(1) and Art. 21(2) GDPR).

Information and Access

The Boost User can usually access, verify and edit their personal information by logging in and directly updating or deleting the appropriate information. We are happy to inform you, which personal data we have stored on you. The information will be processed by us immediately and is usually sent via email. In order to receive detailed information, please inform us as far as possible as to the type of personal data requested. To be sure that the requesting person is also the person whom they claim to be, we require proof of identity. This can be a copy of an official identity document. Please ensure that serial numbers, passport numbers or similar are blackened out or removed. We use this copy solely for identification and processing of the request and delete it as soon as it has served its purpose.

Right to Data Portability

In certain cases, which are listed in detail in Art. 20 GDPR, the site visitor or the Boost User has the right to receive personal data concerning them, in a structured, common and machine-readable format or to have this data transferred to a third party upon demand

Right to Object

The Boost User has the right to object at any time, for reasons related to their particular situation, to the processing of personal data relating to them, which takes place pursuant to Art. 6 (1)(e) or (f) GDPR; this also applies to profiling based on these provisions. If the Boost User objects, their personal data will no longer be processed, unless Jimdo can prove compelling reasons for the processing that are worthy of protection, and which outweigh the interests, rights and freedoms of the person concerned, or the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend legal claims.

If personal data are processed for the purpose of direct advertising, the Boost User has the right to object at any time to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of such advertising; this also applies to profiling, insofar as it is associated with such direct advertising. If and as far as the Boost User makes use of their right of objection against a processing of personal data for purposes of direct marketing, their objection is regularly by us via so-called "blacklisting".

Rectification, Erasure, Restriction and the Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority

You have the right to have your personal data stored/collected by us rectified, erased or restricted. In order to exercise these and all other data subjects' rights, a data subject may contact the contact address given below at any time.

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, the Boost User has the right to lodge a complaint with a relevant supervisory authority in accordance with Article 77 GDPR, in particular in the Member State of the user’s place of residence, place of work or place of alleged infringement, where the Boost User is of the opinion that the processing of their personal data has not occurred in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Revocation of Consent

The consent to the use of personal data by Jimdo in the Boost App may be revoked by the Boost User at any time for the future by sending an email to: Privacy@jimdo.com. With the revocation of their consent the Boost User acknowledges that they will not be able to use the Boost services.

Exercising your Rights

In order to exercise these and other data subject right, an affected party may, at any time, contact Jimdo via the following contact address: Privacy@jimdo.com. Where the Boost User exercises their legal right to access, information, rectification or erasure etc. of their personal information, Jimdo may, under certain circumstances in particular where legally obliged to so, refuse to provide such information or refuse to correct or delete such personal information. However, Jimdo will provide reasons in these cases.

Changes, Questions

The Boost App is constantly being revised and further developed and the Boost Data Protection Notice should always correspond to the latest technical, organizational and legal framework active in the Boost App. Therefore it can happen that this Data Protection Notice has to be changed and/or adapted. The Boost User will be informed about this via a clearly visible notification in the app or via a prompt upon installation of the Boost App update.

If any further questions or concerns regarding this Data Protection Notice arise, we can be contacted via this form, via email or via a letter to:

Jimdo GmbH
Stresemannstr. 375
22761 Hamburg

Published: May 2019


The previously valid Boost App Data Protection Notice has been archived and is available here.