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At Jimdo, we have the privilege of providing one of the most important services a small business will ever use. Unlike social media channels and review sites, a website is the only online platform that a small business owner can truly own and control—giving them total autonomy over their message and image. By providing the easiest solution to create a website, our mission is to help small businesses grow their ideas, expand their reach, and confidently manage their online presence. 


The do-it-yourself website builder category is far from mature, and the market potential is enormous. Our biggest competitor has 2 million paying subscribers around the world—but in Germany alone there are 3.2 million businesses with fewer than 9 employees. Prosumers (like photographers and bloggers), NGOs, clubs, and small governmental institutions represent a largely untapped market as well. On a global scale, the opportunity for providing DIY-websites is simply tremendous, and Jimdo seeks to be the best provider. 


Jimdo is in a great position to unlock this growth opportunity. Over ten years we’ve built a substantial and loyal customer base that has created over 20 million websites in 8 supported languages around the globe. We combine startup speed and passion with the cash flow and market presence of an established company. As a private company with only two strategic investors, we are very much in control of our own destiny. This rare mix of characteristics sets us apart from our competitors and makes us poised to grow. 


At the end of last year we went through a fundamental transition to energize our product development and strengthen our internal structure. Today, we are seeing the results. Over the course of 2017 we have picked up momentum and honed our company culture. The business is cash-flow positive and we are able to fuel our growth from our own profits. With our business solid, we are strategically aligned for the big bets that will help us attack global competition and continue our impressive growth. Most importantly, we are really enjoying the ride! 


We’re looking for people who are motivated by our mission and excited to keep building Jimdo into a customer-centric, efficient, risk-taking, and highly innovative company. If you’re looking for a unique professional opportunity, have a good sense of humor, and like to work with other positive, empathetic, and driven people who want to make a difference in the world, we’d love to work with you. :)


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