(Senior) Data Scientist m/w

As a Data Scientist you will join Jimdos cross-functional Data Team at the Jimdo Headquarter in the beautiful city of Hamburg. You will bring domain knowledge and experience to a diverse team of data engineers and data analysts.


Your mission is to explore large data sets and combine data analytics with programming skills in order to identify business potentials and solve problems through application of computer science, mathematics and industry knowledge

Your major areas of responsibility will include:

  • Utilize and implement machine learning in order to create a customized product experience
  • Understand and apply evaluation methods, mathematical and statistical knowledge and visualization techniques
  • Build prototypes and production quality software components
  • Consult and advise stakeholders and management on business strategy and opportunities

Your primary objectives are:

  • Identify market opportunities to drive growth and make our business more effective
  • Create prototypes/software solutions to exploit business opportunities in combination with the foresight of future improvements
  • Stay informed and up to date with the development and events of recent scientific findings and market development

Essential Requirements:

  • Graduated in Statistics, Mathematics, Business Mathematics, Computer Science or a comparable degree with a quantitative focus
  • Broad knowledge and experience in at least one: Tracking, A/B testing, evaluation, modelling (marketing attribution, regression, classification, recommendation, linear optimization)
  • Broad knowledge and experience in: Principles of relational data, data structures and databases
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Production level programming skill e.g. in Java, Python, Ruby (or similar)
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate complex matters to non domain experts (excellent communication skills)
  • Experience in Machine Learning packages (Weka, scikit-learn, SOMA), Pandas, R


Following skills are appreciated but not mandatory:

  • Demonstrated ability to work and improve on an AWS stack (EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda and Redshift)
  • Experience in a SAAS / Freemium product environment
  • 4+ years of job experience in Data Science



I'm Kai and I’m looking forward to receiving your application!

Just send me an e-mail: kai.birkenfeld@jimdo.com