Affiliate FAQ

We're glad that you like Jimdo and that you want to help share it with more people with our affiliate programBy joining our affiliate program, you can help customers, friends, and others benefit from Jimdo's advantages—and you earn commissions on referrals. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Jimdo's Affiliate program.



  • How do I change my contact information?
    You can change your information by going to the "Your Profile" section.
  • Can I refer other resellers or affiliates to Jimdo?
    Yes, of course! You can tell others about our affiliate program, but there's no commission at this time for doing so.
  • What do pending, confirmed, and declined mean with regards to commission?
    • pending - each order is set to "pending" for 45 days. Until this period is over, no commission will be paid out for this referral sale.
    • confirmed - there were no problems or delays with this sale, and the commission has been credited to your account.
    • declined - the sale was cancelled or there were payment problems.



  • How do I add advertisements to my website?
    When you generate advertising materials like a banner, you'll receive a snippet of code. You can simply paste this code into the Widget/HTML element (on Jimdo sites) in the place you want it to go.
  • May I use my own materials for advertisements or banners?
    No, this is not currently allowed. Please make sure you are following our terms of service.


Tracking and Reporting

  • How do I find out if a Jimdo sale was referred from my site?
    In the Commission section, you have an overview of all leads referred from your site. You can also check the status of your commission here.
  • What if a sale isn't showing up?
    Don't worry! If you (or your client) paid using the bank transfer option, you'll have to wait until our payment partner has processed the transaction. Then you'll see the credit in the commission overview. Think there still might be a technical issue? Write us through the contact form in the Affiliate menu.
  • I think there might be a technical issue. What do I do?
    Please get in touch with us through the contact form in the Affiliate menu.
  • How long is a cookie valid?
    A cookie expires after 30 days.
  • What happens when a user visits my site as well as the sites of other Jimdo affiliates? To whom is the user allocated?
    We use the "last cookie wins" method. This means the first cookie will be overwritten by any subsequent cookies.


Commission Payments

  • When is commission paid?
    As soon as you have reached the minimum payment amount, you can request that your commission is paid to you by clicking on the button in Overview.
  • What is the minimum payment amount?
    Payments take place after you've reached at least $50 in unpaid commission.
  • I've noticed a discrepancy between the payments and my calculations.
    Please contact us with details at
  • A free user whom I referred upgraded two or three years later to JimdoPro (or JimdoBusiness). Will I receive a commission?
    Fair's fair: it counts as a referral. The time frame in which the upgrade takes place doesn't matter.
  • Can I see an overview of the commission that has been paid to me?
    You can generate an overview of your commission payments in the Commission section.
  • What happens when a referral upgrades from JimdoPro to JimdoBusiness?
    This is currently not tracked, but we are working on it.



  • cookie - a cookie is a file saved by the web browser and associates a visitor with the referring affiliate.
  • tracking - the process through which a referred signup is followed from clicking on a banner to sign-up to upgrade.
  • conversion - a conversion takes place when a visitor upgrades to JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness.
  • recurring commission - a repeating referral commission paid annually for as long as the site stays upgraded at Jimdo.
  • one-time commission - a one-time referral commission for a visitor purchasing a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness upgrade.