Affiliate Tutorial

We couldn't be happier that you're interesting in joining our affiliate program. In this help article, you'll find important information and a tutorial about getting started with the Jimdo Affiliate Program.


By joining our affiliate program, you can help customers, friends, and others benefit from Jimdo's advantages—and you earn commissions on referrals.


The amount of commission depends on the number of sales you've referred and on the commission type (one-time or recurring) you've chosen. There are different levels depending on the number of sales you've referred. For one-time commissions, you can earn up to 55% of a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness referral. For recurring commissions, you earn a percentage each year the customer renews their Jimdo subscription.


What this means for you: the more paying Jimdo users you refer, the more commission you'll earn. Take a few minutes to read over the guide below to make sure you have a good grasp of how our affiliate program works and feel free to contact us with questions: we want you to be successful.


We've also put together the Affiliate FAQ that covers many of the common questions.


Affiliate button

Your Jimdo account

Your affiliate account is part of your Jimdo website. If you've already applied and have been accepted (you will have received an email from us), you'll see the Affiliate icon appear in your SiteAdmin panel.


Logging in

Log into your Jimdo site. On the right side, you'll see the control panel that we call the Site Admin.


The affiliate account panel has seven tabs: Home, Commission, Your Profile, Ads & Widgets, Commission Structure, Tips & Help, and Contact.

Affiliate home tab

The home tab provides a summary of:

  • Your Jimdo Affiliate ID
  • The number of websites you've referred (including JimdoFree)
  • The total number of sales your referrals have resulted in
  • The total amount of commission you have earned as a Jimdo affiliate
  • The referred sales and commission you have earned that have not yet been paid out


Creating & upgrading a Jimdo website


In the home tab, you can also use the three icons to create a new Jimdo website for a client, friend, or business—or to upgrade an existing site to JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness. When you perform either of these actions through these icons, it is automatically connected to your Affiliate ID.


If you're upgrading an existing site to JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness, you'll be asked to enter the site's (new) domain name. Then you'll need to enter billing information and choose a payment method. If you're creating a new site (whether it's JimdoFree, JimdoPro, or JimdoBusiness), you'll fill out a regular sign-up form.


If you're just setting up a site that you're selling to a customer, make sure that your client is on record as the domain and site owner. For privacy and data protection reasons, we can only communicate information about the website to the email address that is currently on file. If you create the site using your own email address, make sure to change it to your customer's before handing over the website.


Finally, if you, or someone you told about Jimdo, create or upgrade a site and it isn't done through this interface (or through one of your affiliate links), linking it to your affiliate account after the fact is only possible with significant technical effort on our part. This will result in an additional processing time of 45 days beyond the normal period.


Sample Jimdo Affiliate link


Below the three icons, you'll see a box with a sample referral link you can use to advertise for Jimdo. This link includes your affiliate ID (for example: a264809) so that we can attribute the visitor to you.

Copy this code with "command + c" (Mac) or "ctrl + c" (PC) and paste it in the place you want it on your Jimdo website or on an external website.

To add it to your Jimdo website, add a "Widget / HTML" element and paste in the link with "command + v" (Mac) or "ctrl + v" (PC). Save, and you're done.


Would you prefer to use a banner ad or a widget? Visit the Ads & Widgets tab to grab the HTML code for the different ones available. You can add these ads by copying-and-pasting into your website as well.



  • Status
    • confirmed: we've reviewed and accepted your referral (the customer paid within 45 days). Commission can be paid, if above the minimum amount.
    • pending: it has been less than 45 days since the sale was made, and we're still reviewing the referral.
    • declined: the sale was cancelled or the customer did not pay within the first 45 days.
  • Payment
    • available: the commission has been credited to you (confirmed) but not yet disbursed.
    • not possible: the referral has been declined (see above) or it is still in the review period and is pending.

If you have questions or need clarification, please contact us through the form in your affiliate panel—the affiliate contact tab.


Editing your profile

In this tab, you should fill out your contact information, including your PayPal email address. If it isn't listed for some reason, please enter it so that we can send your earnings to your PayPal account.


If you registered as a commercial entity with your company, please make sure your VAT ID Number (or Federal Tax ID in the US) is listed.


Choosing ads & widgets

You have the following ways of advertising and referring users to Jimdo:

  • Partner/Affiliate Link
  • Sign-Up Box
  • Banner Ads


Banner ad sizes


There are several banner formats:

  • 120px by 600px
  • 300px by 250px
  • 478px by 60px
  • 728px by 90px


Languages & currencies


You can access banners in several languages. Some of them specify domain endings, which are listed in parentheses: German (.ch), German (.de), English (.com), Spanish (.es), French (.fr), Italian (.it), Russian (.ru), Polish (.com), Dutch (.com), Portuguese (.com), Japanese.


If your banner needs to be in Spanish but you'd like to advertise in US dollars, you can do that. You decide what currency the ads are shown in.


Here are the combinations of ad languages and currencies:

  • German Ads: Euro & Swiss Franc
  • English Ads: British Pound & US Dollar
  • Spanish Ads: Euro & US Dollar
  • French Ads: Euros & US Dollar
  • Italian Ads: Euro
  • Japanese Ads: Japanese Yen
  • Russian Ads: Rubel
  • Dutch Ads: Euro
  • Portuguese Ads: Euro & Brazilian real


Commission structure

In this table, you'll find an overview of the types and levels of commission Jimdo offers. Important: you decide which commission model you want when you sign up for the affiliate program. It is only possible to change this if you haven't referred any paid sites yet.

One-Time Referral Commission



We recommend you choose "one-time" commission if you think that the JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness accounts you will refer don't have a long-term website budget (for example, for multiple years), only plan to have their website for a short time, or if you think that the visitors (and potential referrals) from your website are people with whom you have no personal or business ties (e.g. users who found your website by accident).



Recurring Commission



The recurring commission model makes sense if you are referring users to JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness who are also your clients, so you know they'll stay with Jimdo because you are working with them regularly.



Tips and help

You'll find tips and help articles about the Jimdo Affiliate program in this section. We want to make it easy for you to succeed. Our tracking system takes care of everything—you'll always get your commission for a referred paying user. When you reach $50 of commission in credit with us, you can have it disbursed.


Please note, the tips in this section are just our recommendations. We can't guarantee that you'll succeed, but we at Jimdo will help you as much as we can.


Contacting Jimdo

In the Affiliate tab, you can use the contact form to send us a message about the Affiliate program. But before you use it, please take a look at our Affiliate FAQ—the answer to your question might already be there.


For questions about the affiliate program, technical support and general questions about Jimdo, you can contact us at


The more information you can provide in your message, the faster we can respond to your question and resolve any issues.


Please include:

  • the website(s) on which you are using our ads and widgets
  • which ad or widget you are using
  • the website(s) you have referred (both the domain name and the complete Jimdo website address)