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We've updated our logo and visual brand. If you're a Jimdo Expert, we'd love for you to update the Jimdo logo on your website. If you're also an affiliate find more info here

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What is the Jimdo Experts program?

Jimdo is a DIY website creator that everyone can use. Over 15 million sites have been created by Jimdo users without any technical experience. In just a few steps, users are able build their own website, add an online store or a blog, and much more. Even though our team provides customer support in 8 different languages by native speakers and offers a robust Support Center and great video tutorials, we understand that some users need a little more help to get their websites looking exactly how they initially envisioned them.


That’s why we launched the Jimdo Experts program. Jimdo Experts are web agencies and freelancers that specialize in web design, online marketing and SEO, but who also have experience working with the Jimdo platform.


If you're interested in finding more information, visit our Jimdo Expert's directory page. You can read descriptions for each Jimdo Expert, as well as browse their portfolio and website(s). You can also contact them directly—Jimdo takes no commissions as the transactions are completely handled between the users and the Experts themselves.


Modern templates. Easy customization.

In addition to the standard templates that all users have access to, Jimdo also allows designers to easily create fully customizable HTML and CSS templates. Javascript and jQuery can be utilized as well making it a breeze to integrate sleek features. The template remains completely independent of the CMS, meaning users can easily add and update their own content, including text, photos, videos, galleries, navigation, store items, and much more without having to ask a Jimdo Expert each time they need to make a change.


What's in it for me?

As a Jimdo Expert, you'll have access to thousands upon thousands of potential customers. Some users are in need of simple, one-off projects, while others might request larger, more sophisticated projects. We also offer customer support to both our Jimdo Experts and our users—and we’re nice folks that love lending a hand if you have questions. 


Additionally, if you become a Jimdo Affiliate, you'll earn a commission on every sale of JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness you make.


Examples of custom websites built on Jimdo

See more custom websites built with Jimdo on our examples page.

How do I become a Jimdo Expert?

Jimdo Experts are a carefully selected network of agencies and freelancers that reflect our values and offer our customers high-quality service. If you feel that you might be a good fit for the program, please fill out the application form below.

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