For Immediate Release - October 31, 2013

Global DIY Website Builder Jimdo Grows to 10M Sites with No VC Funding 

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30, 2013  -- Jimdo, one of the world's leading DIY website builders, today announced that its users have created over 10 million websites. Of the handful of companies in its industry to achieve this milestone, Jimdo is the only one to do so without any VC funding.

"We're the only independent website builder to grow to this size through products and profits. All our competitors have taken $25 to $60 million in venture capital or been acquired," said Jimdo co-founder Matthias Henze. "We continue to be committed to our vision of growing sustainably and independently." The startup stayed true to its principles in 2012 when it turned down an 8-figure VC term sheet, a decision that set it apart from most startups.

Stephen Belomy, Jimdo U.S. CEO, believes that this independence is pivotal in driving innovation at Jimdo. He said, "Without external financial pressures, we have the advantage of being laser-focused on product development. We have no timelines and no budgets, so we don't release products until they are done exactly right." Belomy continued, "For example, instead of just enabling PayPal widgets, we built the easiest to use, most seamlessly integrated online store to date. Our recent iOS app is also the first mobile app to bring real site creation and editing to the iPad and iPhone."

Jimdo is continually developing the best product for its users and considers customer service and satisfaction fundamental to its success. Henze commented, "We're thankful for each person who has chosen Jimdo to create their site; we owe everything to our users. We're committed to making the best website builder and helping their businesses, hobbies, and personal websites succeed online."

About Jimdo

Jimdo is the easiest way to create a website on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. With a simple intuitive interface, Jimdo enables anyone to create a customized online presence with a blog and online store. Founded in Germany in 2007 by Christian Springub, Fridtjof Detzner, and Matthias Henze, the company set a new standard in website creation. Profitable since 2009 without venture capital, Jimdo has a passionate team of 170 people in Hamburg, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Jimdo is available in 11 languages and has helped people build over 12 million websites. For more on Jimdo visit


US: Melissa Myers & Stephen Belomy | | +1 415.727.0774

UK: Maria Tarasova | 

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