Coronavirus Relief for Small Businesses: Sell Now with Your Online Store

To all small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed out there: we know you’re facing hard times in the current situation. That’s why you can now create your online store for the token price of 1 Dollar a month .
Emergency relief code: JIMDOHELP
Emergency relief code: JIMDOHELP

Emergency relief code: JIMDOHELP

During this critical time, we’re offering an Emergency Relief Offer to stand in solidarity with small businesses. So you can continue selling and contacting your customers—even if your doors are closed.

Exclusive! In cooperation with our partner Trusted Shops, we’ll also include the Legal Text Generator as part of this offer to guarantee your legal texts are GDPR-compliant. To add this, choose the Basic or Business plan, then select Legal Text Generator Shop in the next step. Once you enter the code at checkout, the $1 / month offer will be applied.

In cooperation with

Simply enter the code during checkout.

This offer is valid until the 9th of June 2020. The code is valid for the first year (annual billing) for our various Dolphin plans (except VIP). In the case of renewals, the normal price will be charged after the first year. Of course, we’ll let you know 6 weeks in advance before renewal.

Feel free to share this offer with any entrepreneurs, freelancers or small businesses.

What steps you can take for your business:

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Start selling your products online

Give your customers the opportunity to continue shopping with you. Setting up your store is quick and easy—just upload a product photo, add a description, and connect your payment methods to get started. You can then choose a custom domain name to complete your store’s new, professional online presence. Check out our webinar to see how easy it is to start selling

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Contact your customers

Reassure your customers and the people around you that you’re still there for them and how they can be there for you. Include a personal video message to your customers on your homepage (here’s how). Write emails, send messages or call your customers personally. This way, you can keep your established customer relationships intact and protect the way your local communities store.

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Offer local pickup

Keeping your distance is the best way to stay together during this time. In addition to standard shipping, you can either offer customers the option to pick up the goods in front of your store or an agreed location. This way you can still reach customers in the surrounding area and offer contactless pickups as a local seller or restaurant.

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Offer gift cards

Birthdays, weddings, and special events may be postponed but they’re not canceled. Selling gift cards online that can be redeemed in-store, provide customers with a way to give a gift and can help to keep your company liquid to cover running costs. Even while your doors are closed. Tip: Download our gift card templates and easily add them as a shop product.

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Team up with local business owners

You’re not alone—the effects of the crisis are hitting all of us. A network of shops and retailers in your neighborhood or community can help you to face the new challenges together, to join forces, share information, and call for solidarity in your area.

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Benefit from features like the Legal Text Generator

With the integrated Legal Text Generator by Jimdo and Trusted Shops, you can automatically generate your legal texts for your Imprint, Privacy Policy, Return Policy and Terms and Conditions. That way you're on the safe side and don't have to worry about any GDPR fines.

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We’ll be regularly updating our blog with up-to-date information and advice to help support your business at this time. Be sure to bookmark it or join our Facebook community to get the latest info and exchange ideas with other small business owners.