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To be successful, a restaurant needs great food, excellent service...and a professional-looking website? Yes, it’s true. Your restaurant website is the central place for customers to find you, read your menu, and learn about your business. 


Fortunately, getting started with a website has never been easier. With Jimdo, you can create a restaurant website quickly and easily, with all the photos and information you need to draw in customers. With over 15 million websites under our belt, Jimdo can help you bring your restaurant into the online world.

Create a successful restaurant website
in three easy steps:

Choose a template for your restaurant website. Each template is designed to look great and make your content stand out. You'll have specific places to put your opening hours, contact information, menus, mouthwatering food photos, and more. You can also customize it to match your brand or logo and give it personality. 

Create new pages and add your content. With Jimdo, you can create as many pages as you want. Once the structure of your site is in place, start adding content to each of your pages. You can also easily embed reservation and review tools like OpenTable and Yelp. With Jimdo's free website builder, no coding or special skills are required.

Promote your website. Your website is the one place where you can control the message about your business. Spread the word with social sharing buttons, newsletters, testimonials, and more. All Jimdo sites are optimized for search, so you can be sure customers can find you. What are you waiting for?

Restaurant websites made with Jimdo:

Bonaventura Gelato Lounge in California
Hexenkessel in Hamburg

Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo
CoffeeSpices in Spain

Additional information for business websites:


With JimdoBusiness, we provide you with two domain names, 20 email addresses, the fastest customer support, and much more. It's everything a restaurant needs to ensure its success online. You can even make an online store where you can sell specialty items like t-shirts or cooking classes.


If you're not sure about JimdoBusiness right now, you can always upgrade later. First and foremost, we want you to feel comfortable and happy with Jimdo as your restaurant website builder.

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