Build a Restaurant Website

Showcase your restaurant and menu online

Do you own a restaurant, cafe, or bar and want to build your own restaurant website to advertise it? Do you not have time? Or have you never built a website before? Never fear, Jimdo is here: the simplest web site builder in the world. All you need is a few photographs of your venue, your food, and your fancy drinks—or whatever represents your business with eye catching style.


Easy edit

Jimdo is easy to use

With our simple click-to-edit system it couldn't be easier for you to edit your site so it is always up to date.


Say you run out of tomato soup?

  •  Simply log in
  •  Change the text to "pumpkin soup"
  •  Then 'Save' it


It's really that simple. Your restaurant website will keep hungry customers informed of your delicious menu updates at all times.


Make your bar website stand out

A picture says a thousand words. Showcase your extensive cocktail selection or wine list online. Include images of your friendly bartenders or exotic glassware. Create your own website that expresses your bar and impress people on Google searching for somewhere to have a good night out.


What is it that makes your bar so special? Is it the comfy sofas? The private booths? A signature drink? Or perhaps the spectacular view? Include these things on your free website to entice internet searchers to pop in for a drink. Jimdo's free website builder makes it all easy. 


Add a photo gallery in minutes

With Jimdo, it's really as simple as 1, 2, 3. To upload your restaurant gallery, you don't need to format the pictures in a technical program. Jimdo will resize them for you. You can choose from different gallery styles or even a slideshow viewer. Simply click to add a gallery, upload the images, then our great website builder will do the rest. You can move the order around just by dragging the photos into place.


Have the best cafe in town?

So you make the best cakes in town but nobody knows it? 


Time to get your DIY cafe website online. Our advanced SEO features will help people find you. When people in your area search in Google to find delicious pastries or the best sandwiches in your region, if your hospitality website is optimized for search engines, it will rank higher in Google. You no longer need to just rely on word of mouth or visibility.

What should you include on your hospitality website?

It's completely up to you. With Jimdo's free website builder, you can decide how you want to represent your business online. Great hospitality websites include photos of food, drinks, staff, and events, as well as the venue, the menu, the location, opening times and contact details. You can create a website that expresses your story the way you like.


You can even sell items online. Jimdo website templates are perfect if you want to make an online store. If your hospitality business has a specialty sauce, trademark coffee mugs, or gourmet cookies, you can sell them online. When loyal regulars move to a different town they can jump on the internet and order something from their favorite place—your business. You can make money even when all of the waiters have left for the day.

How do I get started with my restaurant website?

 Simply sign up for a free website, or trial our Pro or Business packages and begin straight away. 

JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness packages are fantastic and affordable options—compare them and choose the best option for your website needs.