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Beauty salon website templates

Create a beauty salon website with a relaxing feel to create a sense of calm and cleanliness before customer's even step through your door.

A simple beauty salon site can invigorate your online image. List your services, promote your business, and give viewers a sense of feeling revitalized. Going to the beauty salon is like taking a short break from the business of life and your beauty website should highlight this.

Create a hair salon website in less time then it takes to set a perm

With Jimdo's click to edit hairdressing website templates, you can showcase your hairdressing business online in a few simple steps.


With a hair salon website, you will inspire customers to share your services with friends and be found on the internet.


You can also update your regular clients with special offers, show off your hairdressing skills with a beautiful photo gallery, and even sell products in an online store.


Simple information or let the images speak

Do you document every hair style with a photograph? Why not present your skills in a high-quality gallery that literally takes seconds to create. Our photo galley element allows you to upload all of your images at once and resizes them automatically. 


Do you prefer simple websites with basic information? If you don't like the razzle dazzle of complex websites, you can keep it simple with Jimdo's free website builder. Don't be afraid to present your information in a simple and stylish manner.

Sell hair and beauty products in an online store

Specialty skin and hair products from a trusted seller are perfectly suited to an online store. A regular customer who has moved away can still buy their favorite shampoo or skin products, if your website includes an online store.

With an online store, you'll be accessible to a whole new range of customers not bound by distance. Jimdo also has great integrated SEO features, which means search engines will find your site and deliver new clients to you.

Boost your client base and sales with a business website and or make an online store. If you're interested in trying Jimdo out for free, just sign up through the form at the top of this page. Or if you're curious about what's possible with Jimdo, take a look at our selection of modern templates or our examples page.