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Sell ​​Online? You Can Too! With Jimdo.

Storage jar product description shown on Jimdo online store.

It’s easy to create your own online store and sell online. Just snap a photo, name it and sell it. Jimdo is the easiest way to get a modern and professional ecommerce website with all the features you need.

Storage jar product description shown on Jimdo online store.

Ready in minutes

How to start an online store

  1. Choose your design.
  2. Add a product photo and description.
  3. Publish your store and start selling!

Streamlined design

Smart web design

Want to design a beautiful online boutique? Our ecommerce store is the perfect fit, whether you sell a single product or a whole range. Just add your product photos and text—we’ll make it look great. Jimdo’s smart system takes care of all the housekeeping tasks for you, so you always have a clearly structured and welcoming storefront.

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Store features

All the ecommerce features you need

Key features

  • Product variants

    Offer any product variants you want in your store. You can sell just one item or a whole range.

  • 0% commission

    We take no commission off your sales. Your profits are all yours.

  • Mobile optimized

    Your online store is responsive and offers customers the best shopping experience on any device.

  • SEO-friendly

    Jimdo's shop system is easy to optimize for search engines, so your products and websites rank high on Google.

Design and presentation

  • Modern design

    Jimdo's designs set the standard and offer plenty of creative freedom for you and your brand.

  • Clear structure

    Whether you sell a single product or a whole range—our ecommerce store is the perfect fit. Your store always looks streamlined so customers can find their way around.

  • Beautiful product galleries

    Customers can keep track of your latest products and discover what’s in your store on the beautifully arranged category pages.

  • Individual product pages

    Showcase your products and their different variants—each on their own, beautiful product pages.

Orders and payment

  • Manage orders on-the-go

    Check your orders from wherever you are—straight from your smartphone.

  • Convenient payment methods

    Your customers can pay via SEPA Direct Debit, credit card or PayPal.

  • Secure checkout

    Ordering and data transfer takes place via a secure connection through HTTPS.

  • International shipping

    Choose your delivery area and set specific shipping costs.

Mobile optimized

Your ecommerce website—perfect on every device

No more abandoned carts. With Jimdo, your customers can shop from any device. Your online shop adapts automatically to the screen size of a smartphone, tablet, and desktop for a seamless user experience. You can also edit your store and manage orders on-the-go.

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Track orders

Manage your orders easily

Can’t stop the orders flying off the virtual shelves? Great! We merchandise and organize your products for you. With our easy inventory management and automatic confirmation email—we take the stress off during peak hours. And just in case you’re super busy, there’s an online checklist to make sure you never miss a thing.

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Your success tool

SEO and statistics

Turn insights into sales with our statistics tool. Thanks to concrete tips, you can pinpoint what you can improve to optimize conversion. Our automatic search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO-friendly shop system, will help you rank high on Google!

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The beautifully designed and well-structured shop system convinced us. Quality and simplicity is very important when it comes to our products. And the same applies to our shop.
Christian , online store owner of Skanemarie Create your store