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Logo examples for business

Cleaning service logo example with a sparkle

Cleaning Service

Attorney and Law logo example


Construction logo example


Example of a logo for a painter


Example of a logo for a carpenter or woodworker


Example of a cool hair salon logo

Nail Studio

Example of a logo for realtors and real estate


Example of a logo for a security company


Template for a modern consultant logo

Logo examples for stores and products

An idea for a cool fashion brand logo


An example of a logo for a coffee shop

Coffee Brand

An idea for a restaurant logo


Classic bakery logo template


Example of a logo for a medical office


Pharmacy logo example with red and white


Cool logo idea for a drink brand Nord Brewery

Drink Brand

DIY logo idea that you can make for free


Bakery logo inspiration in blue and white

Logo examples for your new brand

Good example of a band or musician logo


Logo template for a football club

Football Club

Logo inspiration for a volunteer group for firefighters

Volunteer Group

Unique logo idea for a DJ with retro stereo icon


Example of a free logo for a nonprofit organization

Charity Organization

Fun logo idea for a gaming group

E-sports & Gaming

Personalized logo ideas for artists


An example of a free business logo from Jimdo’s Logo Creator

...and many more

Great logo examples for outdoorsy brands

How do I get a cool logo idea?

  1. Save examples of logos you like. Even if it's a different type of busines, these will help you figure out your style
  2. Start with one of the templates on this page. Just click to add your own brand name.
  3. Keep the logo templates the same, or experiment with changing colors, fonts, and icons. You'll get an idea of what looks best.
  4. All set? Just download the logo file you need and add them to your website, packaging, signs, and more. It's free.

From idea to website. We've got you covered

With Jimdo, you can get a free logo and a matching webiste all in one place. We'll help you build your brand from bottom up, and get your business online in no time

Your logo Questions. Answered.

  • Logo ideas are all around us. Pay attention to the kinds of logos that catch your eyes. Do they all have something in common? You can search by industry, or just get an idea from walking around and seeing what you like. Our logo Creator takes out the guesswork, so you can start with a template and customize it from there.

  • The best logos are simple and memorable. They should be easy to read from far away, and at small sizes. Ans they should also fit your business personality and communicate the right message to your clients and customers. A foolproof way to design a logo is to start with a logo creator that's preset to be easy and look good in all formates, for all industries.

  • Yes! Click on any of the logo examples above, and you'll get taken straight into out user-friendly logo maker. Adjst what you need, or keep it the same. Either way, you'll have a fresh, profssional logo that you can feel good about. And it's yours to use-with no licening fees.

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