Online bookings to boost your business

Do you run online workshops, offer personal coaching sessions or give free introductory talks? Make sure customers can make appointments directly via your website with our easy-to-use booking tool.

A Jimdo customer sits at their laptop and edits their website with online booking system.
A Jimdo customer sits at their laptop and edits their website with online booking system.

Endless possibilities

Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. You can assign both individual and group appointments at your location, another location, or online.

Tailored to your business

You can set limits for the maximum number of participants, create time slots for bookings, define your business hours, and enable cancellations—all at the click of a button.

Perfect for any bookings

Whether it's a one-on-one coaching session, a yoga class, or workshops: you have the freedom to open bookings for any events your business offers.

No extra tools needed

Manage all your bookings in one place—directly from your site—without linking to extra tools. This saves time and allows you to concentrate fully on your business.

Always stay informed

The booking tool automatically sends booking and cancellation confirmations to avoid double bookings or overbooking.

How to add bookings to your website

You can access online bookings through the VIP and Unlimited website plans. You can also get it as an add-on for your existing plan:

  1. Log in to your Jimdo account and click "Bookings" in the menu on the left. If the add-on isn’t activated, click "Buy Add-on."
  2. Go to “Settings” to define at which time slots you are available for bookings per weekday.
  3. Use the “Create New” button under “Events & Services” to add a new service.
  4. Then, add a Booking Overview Block to your website. Click on the text in the block to select one of your services or events.
  5. That's it! Your customers can now book your services around the clock directly on your website.
A screenshot of Jimdo’s online booking tool.

Online bookings for any business

Example of a coaching website with the online booking tool


As a coach, you help clients realize their full potential. You offer a mix of professional experience and genuine human interaction to help them reach their goals. Make it even easier to take that all-important first step with an online booking.

Example of a fitness website with the online booking tool

Fitness studio

More and more people are looking for personal trainers or fitness classes. With an easy-to-use booking tool, your clients can quickly find what they need—giving you an extra edge over other studios.

Example of a hairdresser’s website with the online booking tool


Whether you run a hair salon, a beauty salon, or a nail salon: your clients expect a premium and professional experience. First impressions count, so put your best foot forward with a sleek booking tool.

Example of a photography website with the online booking tool


You’re in the middle of setting up the perfect shot…and your phone rings for a new appointment. Seriously disruptive, right? An online booking tool ensures you don’t miss out on appointments while zooming in on your superstars.

Create your own website, quickly and easily

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FAQ about online booking tool

  • Nowadays, anyone who wants to book a consulting service, a workshop, or a hairdressing appointment does not necessarily have to do so by phone or e-mail. With an online booking system, clients can book appointments around the clock via a booking calendar and see directly when there are free time slots.

  • Scheduling appointments with customers can be time-consuming, especially if you get lots of calls and emails that interrupt your work. An online booking calendar makes your business look more professional and customers can book online anytime. Plus, you don’t have to grab your diary every time the phone rings! Just let them book via your website

  • Our booking tool is included in the Unlimited or VIP premium packages. But you can also add it as an add-on to another premium package (e.g. Start or Grow). To do this, log in to your user account and activate "Bookings" on your dashboard. After that, you can create events as you wish. Add a booking block on your site and connect it to the created event. Now publish your website and you're done! From now on, your services will be booked online effortlessly.

  • Just log in to your Jimdo account and click on "Bookings" on the left. If the add-on is not yet activated, click "Buy add-on". Then, in the booking settings, define when you are available for bookings and create one or more categorizable services. Then add a booking overview block to your website. That's it: your customers can now book your services directly on your website.

  • With Jimdo's handy online booking system, you can create events or dates without any additional tools and add them to your site with just a few clicks. To attract more customers to your events, you can also create a dedicated page just for bookings and reservations, where you answer all the important potential questions in advance.

Create your own website, quickly and easily