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Compare and find the perfect plan for your online store. Take a look at what we offer and start creating.

  • Your customers will appreciate having the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. You can offer them the choice of PayPal, direct debit or credit card.

  • Jimdo’s online shops are ideal for up to 100 products. You can offer different variants of the same product—different colors, sizes, etc. The intuitive design of our product pages makes it easy to present all the important information about your items in one clear place, to make sure your customers always have the overview they need.

  • The best part about selling items on your own online shop is that all your profits are yours. Jimdo doesn’t charge any commission. You just pay for your website plan.

  • Jimdo is perfect for first-time sellers. We have all the features you need to get started. Just snap a product photo, fill in the details, add your payment info and you’re ready to start taking orders. You can choose the plan that's right for you, depending on the shop features you need.

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