A Jimdo Update—and a Thank You

Sometimes it’s a small thing that makes you realize a larger change has happened. Last week we had our regular Teamverløtung, which is what we call our all-staff meeting. The presentations were overwhelmingly positive, covering our financials, our product updates, and the goals we’d reached. But what struck me was that—for the first time in a while—the attitude in the room seemed different. People were more relaxed. They were smiling and cheering the teams on. There was a sense of energy and optimism that made me stand up a little taller. 

You might think that a typical staff meeting should be like this, but it’s a big change from where we were last fall. As many of you know, we went through a difficult restructuring in October—”restructuring” is of course the nice word people use when they want to say “really painful changes.” After 10 years we had made the transition from being a startup to an established business and our fundamentals continued to be strong. But we also found ourselves overstretched and moving slower. We laid off 25% of our staff, reorganized our teams, and re-committed to being customer-centric, risk-taking, and innovative.

We said very little about this to the outside world. It wasn’t a secret, but it was hard to know what to say or how to talk about it publicly. When you’re going through such a massive change, you see improvements, but sometimes you still look around and think “is this going to work?”

So seeing my colleagues’ attitude at this most recent Teamverløtung confirmed something that I I’ve been feeling for a while now—we are over that hump. That makes me really excited, and also makes me want to share some of this journey with our customers and readers.

Hopefully, you have already noticed that we have increased our development speed. We’ve made some changes to Jimdo that make it easier for you to use, like a new menu and notification center, an updated blogging system, and HTTPS security. We’ve started pushing new ideas, like our mobile apps. We’ve added features that were specifically requested by our customers, like Disqus commenting, GSuite and Microsoft email integration, and a new way to log in with Facebook, Google, or email.

We’ve also streamlined our customer support so that you can get answers faster…and we’re removing some common blockers so that in many cases you won’t have to contact support in the first place. (As much as we love to hear from you, we know you’d rather spend your time doing something else).

I’m so proud of the team, as everyone had to deal with a lot of uncertainty and work really hard to get here. We are also very thankful to you, our customers—for your continuous support and your faith in us! As many of you know, entrepreneurship is not a linear process and we really appreciate your continued trust. And who knows, when you have gone through such a tough time together and know what you’d like to achieve, it can be the start of something great. That’s why I’m so excited about what’s to come.