10 Years Of Jimdo in Fun Facts

This year Jimdo celebrates its ten year anniversary, so we want to share some fun tidbits of Jimdo history with you! To mark our birthday we’ve created a fun visual post to give you an insight into how far we’ve come together.

Jimdo was created because three young guys had a dream. We wanted to work doing something we love and empower others to do the same. Since then, over 20 million websites have been created out of this idea, enabling other entrepreneurs to make their business come to life! We hope our story can inspire others to do the same.

But how do you summarize a decade of Jimdo? Well, we tried it out …

Most used Jimdo elements

3 Most used website elements

  1. Text
  2. Header
  3. Single Image

Not surprising? We agree. Our basic elements are still the “bread and butter” of each website. Ta da!

In the past three years alone 105,299,221 images were uploaded to Jimdo websites. We tried to calculate the amount for 10 years but our pocket calculator broke…

What we could still calculate amounted to 67,868,638.54 megabytes of data. Even with a fairly fast download speed of 10 Mbit / s, a computer would need just two years to download this huge amount of data. Totally doable!


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Jimdo user stories

79 User stories

That’s 79 inspiring user stories worldwide about entrepreneurs who made their project come to life using Jimdo. How many of our TV and blog stars do you recognize?

Over 20 million Jimdo websites created

20,000,000 Jimdo websites created

Well, actually over 20 million websites to be precise. If you print out the all the pages and subpages together and convert this in kilometers…it would amount to Fridtjof hand gliding around the world 1.4 times!

Jimdo shop items sold

915 Whole supermarkets

In your online stores, millions of items have been sold over the last ten years. Roughly speaking, around 915 full supermarkets worth of items of all kinds—from beard oil to designer dresses!

Jimdo website visitors

64,831,217 full cinemas of people

That’s around 65 million cinemas full of people that visited Jimdo websites in the past year alone!

Wow! More popcorn, please.

Jimdo.com makeovers

6 Most memorable Jimdo.com makeovers

Over the last ten years, we have completely redesigned our own homepage 6 times.Ranging from the beautiful to the more acquired erm… early-2000s look. Do you still remember your own first-page designs?

Fun fact: Our very first logo used to have a smiley! :)

Jimdo landing pages

Jimdo favorite meal

Jimdo’s favorite meal: Argentinian rump steak in red wine sauce with Spanish vegetables and sautéed potatoes.

155,125 Meals cooked

Sam has cooked around 155,125 meals since he joined, not including breakfasts! That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed… because no one wants to see us when we’re hangry.

Sam caters to all tastes from meat dishes to vegetarian and pescatarian. Although the meat dish is a Jimdo favorite!

Jimdo mobile apps downloaded

2,000,000 Jimdo mobile apps downloaded

Whether you’re on the bus or at the beach— you can edit your website on-the-go from the mobile version of your Jimdo website!    

Our mobile apps have been downloaded over 2 million times on mobile devices.

Jimdo messages sent

6,400,000 Chat messages sent internally

“Communication is everything” could be our company motto! We’ve sent 6.04 million messages in the past 2 years since we started using Slack at Jimdo. As you can see we really, really like our colleagues!

Tickets answered by Jimdo support

56,040 Support tickets answered

How can we best help you with your website? That’s what we think about—around 56,040 times a month. So we can support you to do what you love by continuing to do what we love (which is helping you!).

Most common question: “How can I transfer my domain?”

Least common question:How could I hack a Jimdo website?” (Erm, if you have to ask then we’re going to guess, you can’t ;)

Extra fun facts:

9 different languages supported. Whether it’s “Hola” or “Auf Wiedersehen” we try to speak in your language to best help you.

30 different countries. Our Jimdo employees come from all across the world. That’s 30 different countries represented across all departments. A wonderful daily mix of all cultures.

This is 10 years of Jimdo represented in a colorful mix of entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, hard play, nice anecdotes and lots of passion. So what drives us? Behind each of those 20 million websites, there’s a person with an idea just like our founders. So on that note, thank you for a wonderful ten years and we look forward to many more to come.