We unleash the power of the self-employed and help them thrive

You’re independent, but you’re not alone. Jimdo is with you every step of the way. Why? Because small business owners like you are our heroes. And we want to help you unleash your power in the digital world.


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When Julian, a hat maker from Zurich, had to close his store because of Covid, his biggest worry was how his employees would get through the pandemic,

when Bremen carpenter, Claas, lets his customers follow along as he creates their bespoke furniture “live”—because no one has ever done that before,

when fitness trainer, Jennifer, puts together customized online classes for young moms within 24 hours,

we couldn’t be prouder. 

Because we work for the self-employed and small business owners like Julian, Claas, and Jennifer, and all of you who do your own thing. 

Sandra, balkonfreundin.com
Jennifer, womenletics.de

We are Jimdo. 
And for us, you—the self-employed—are the true heart of our economy. 

You bring our streets and neighborhoods, villages, and cities to life.

You think and do business locally, and act on values that you rarely find in large companies today:

Humanity, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to look beyond your own profit margin.

And us?

We do everything we can to strengthen your advantage and help you thrive in all areas of your business.

With digital products that free you from office work, fuel your business, and strengthen your unique superpowers:

Your heart and soul, that unstoppable mix of passion and deep love of what you do.

And your personal connection to customers and people you work with that no algorithm can ever copy.

Today we already support you with the best website builder for the self-employed, a professional online store, and unique tools like the Legal Text Generator or Facebook for Business.

But this is just the beginning. We continue to work every day to make your business in the digital world as effortless as possible. To do this, we develop tools that support you with insights and possibilities that are otherwise only available to large companies.

Because that’s what it’s all about:

Your passion for your business.
Our passion for you!

Manifesto for the self-employed

We love the brave.
The independent.
The doers.
Those who blaze their own trail.
Take chances.
Try again.
People like you.

You have an idea,
a goal,
your own business.
You have the courage
to start from nothing,
the strength to take care of everything,
and the pride to stand up for what you’ve put your name on.

We see you.
We know what it’s like
to put your heart and soul in every move,
and that a few personal words can be worth
as much as a successful week.

And we know
about the dominance of the big players
and the everyday hurdles that stand in your way.

But you’re not alone.
We are here.
We are your team.

We’ll help you,
to unleash your power,
to go your own way,
and achieve your own goals.