Add a Booking Calendar to Your Website with Our New Booking App

If your Jimdo Creator website offers services, events or courses that require booking an appointment, our new Jimdo Booking app for Android is perfect for you. You can now create a booking calendar via your smartphone that is displayed to visitors on your website. Customers can easily book your services and you can keep track of any changes or manage your events on-the-go.


How it works

The Jimdo Booking App (available for Android 5 and above) is free and compatible with all Jimdo Creator sites. Just download the app from the Google Play Store and log in to the app using your existing Jimdo account.

Jimdo Live Chat App

If you’re new to the Jimdo user account, now is the perfect opportunity to activate it with a few clicks. The Booking app can only be used with a Jimdo user account.

All appointments and events that you create and that your visitors can book are in the “Services” section. To create a new event, simply click on the plus icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the Home screen.

Here you can add details about your event and adjust the time, location, regularity (e.g. weekly classes) or the number of participants. You also choose where on your website you want the calendar to appear.

Edit Event

Visitors book directly on your website

Once you set up your calendar, visitors can book your services directly on your Jimdo website. As soon as someone books one of your offers, you will receive a push notification directly in the app so you’re always up to date with how many people have made a booking.

Jimdo Booking is the latest addition to our family of apps—all designed to make your website even more powerful. Read more about how we’re developing these apps and let us know what you’d like to see!


Overview of the Jimdo Booking app:

  • Free download and login with Jimdo user account details
  • Create services with event details (location, time, number of participants, etc.)
  • Display a booking calendar on a page of your website
  • Visitors book services directly on your website
  • Push notifications for new bookings
  • Automatic confirmation email to visitors, including additional information or cancellation e-mail to participants
  • Easily create, modify or delete services


Also new from Jimdo: The Live Chat app for iOS!

Our popular Live Chat App is now available for iOS users too! Now you can communicate in real time with visitors on your website via chat and give them live support and advice.

With Jimdo’s Live Chat app for iOS and Android, you can start a free live chat with your website visitors on your Jimdo Creator website. Answer questions, offer help, and give seamless customer support for your website and online shop—all from your smartphone. Best of all, you’re in control of when you receive notifications, so you can turn the chat on or off whenever you like.

Do you like the idea of adding a booking calendar to your website and managing it via the app? Let us know in the comments!