Just like creating an album, it takes a lot of creativity and time to perfect your band’s website. But Jimdo helps make the process easier and quicker so you can spend more time writing your next hit.

One of the most important aspects to your band’s website is of course, your music. Your music is likely on multiple platforms from SoundCloud to BandCamp to Spotify. You can upload music to your site however you prefer, but in this post we’ll focus on how to embed a Spotify playlist to your website.


Where to embed a Spotify playlist on your website

You should have a page of your website dedicated to sharing your band’s music. Most band websites simply call this page “Music.” You don’t have to put your music right on your homepage, but if you are promoting a new single or have a nice video of your band performing it can be a nice touch to add it there.

This is an example of including a song on your website's homepage

Jimdo customer and ‘ukulele player Ben Ahn includes a video on his homepage and shares the rest of his music on a separate page of his site.


To get started, go to the navigation bar on your homepage to create a new page. Title your page “Music” and click “Save.” Now, click on “Music” on your navigation bar to be directed to your new page.


Here's an example of how to create a new page on your Jimdo website

Use the up and down arrows to position the page where you want it to show up on the navigation bar.


Create your website


How to install the Spotify playlist on your website

Your music speaks for itself. Save all the text and description about your band for your About page. If you have more than two albums you might want to create columns to keep your music clean and organized on your site.

If you only have one or two albums you can fill up the rest of your page with images of your band.

After you decide where to put your music, add a new Widget/HTML element to your site. Keep your site accessible while you head on over to Spotify.

Adding a widget element to your Jimdo website to embed a Spotify playlist

Grabbing the Code From Spotify

Open up your Spotify account and find your band’s music on the platform. Then click on the album that you want to embed. You’ll then click on the icon with the three dots “…” and choose “Copy Embed Code.”

If you’re waiting for a confirmation that you copied the code, you’ll be waiting forever. But the code was copied, and now you just need to go back to your website. (Be sure not to copy anything in between or you’ll lose this code!)

How to grab the code to embed a Spotify playlist

To get the code for your website simply click on the icon with the three dots “…” and choose Copy Embed Code.

Return to your site and paste the code into the Widget/HTML element. Then click “Save.” That’s it! Repeat with as many other albums as you’d like.

How a Spotify widget will appear on a website

Here’s an example of how a Spotify widget will look as seen on Los Angeles band Great White Buffalo’s site.


You can also copy the embed code for individual songs by clicking on the three dots icon “…”, which you can see by scrolling over songs on your Spotify playlist. This can be helpful if you want to promote one of your songs on your homepage.


Create your website

How to embed a single song from Spotify

For even more information on adding music from Spotify on to your website check out Spotify’s support page. Also check for more tips on musician websites in our guide.

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