Shop’n’Scroll: Turn Social Followers into Customers

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Turn your followers into customers and tap into over 1.7 billion potential new ones who shop on Facebook and Instagram every day. All from your Jimdo store.

With Coronavirus still in full-swing,  selling on social isn’t just a “nice to have”— it’s a matter of survival. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Facebook to let you list, sell, and market your Jimdo store products automatically on Facebook and Instagram—so you can sell where people shop and finally turn your followers into customers. 

  • Sell on social. Add products to your Jimdo store, set up a shop on FB and Instagram, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Skip those “trial and error” social ads. Build your audience and draw interested shoppers back to your store, no marketing savvy needed.
  • No coding or complicated setup. Hit“Connect” and let the wizard guide you from start to finish. Done!

More sales. Less work.

Now you can reach customers on all the most popular online platforms, and still manage everything in one place. Our new feature automatically syncs your Jimdo store products, prices, descriptions, images, discounts, and availability to Facebook and Instagram. There’s no need to manually update multiple platforms. We sync, you sell.

Followers can shop while they scroll

Got Facebook or Instagram followers who love your brand? Maybe you’ve spent months or years building a community around your business, without a way to make money from it. Now you can! Create your online store with Jimdo, activate this feature, and voila—your followers can buy your products while they scroll. You don’t have to add products in different places either because it happens automatically from your Jimdo store.

New customers, not a marketing course

Every business needs new customers. But even if you can find time in your day, where do you start?! You need results, not an advertising lesson. So we built this feature with a setup wizard that takes you through the whole process from start to finish. No learning new tools or figuring out what’s next. Just hit “Connect” and follow the steps. Done!

This process means it’s never been easier to market your business, create social ads that build your audience, and reach people who are most likely to buy from you. The best part? You can draw interested customers back to your store by reminding them about the awesome products they saw there—even after they’ve left.

Run ads that make money

Ever poured money into social ads and made nothing back? It’s not just frustrating, it’s expensive. That’s why our new feature shows you how your marketing efforts and ads are performing, so you can adapt quickly and tweak your ads to get the best possible return on every cent you spend.

How to start selling on social

  1. Open your Jimdo store* in editing mode.
  2. Go to Store > Overview > Facebook and Instagram
  3. Hit Connect then follow the steps to connect your Facebook account.

For more info, please visit our Help Center.

Note: This feature is only available with our Business and VIP store plans.

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