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New webdesign features Jimdo

Starting your website is easy. But getting it picture perfect and published can be a whole different ball game. After all, not all of us are born designers. We’re all experts in different fields and that’s a good thing! But this got us thinking: could we do more to take the hassle of website designer off your hands?  To make your website look as awesome as it would if you’d hired a professional designer?

That’s exactly what Dolphin does, by using intelligent technology to take care of more tasks behind the scenes.

This is a product update for Jimdo Dolphin. Check out our newest website-builder here:




We’ve released loads of new features that make it easy to personalize your website design—from smart color themes to new image filters!

Smart color themes to match your brand

Combining the right shades can be tricky, especially if you’re not a trained designer. But the shades you go for will have a real impact on the look of your website.  It’s not just the color you choose, but also the intesity—from subtle tones to rich pigments—that can change the mood of your page.

That’s why we’ve created smart color themes that match your brand colors and combine the right hues for you—just like a real designer would. The principle is as ingenious as it is simple: you pick your base color, upload an image or a logo from our logo creator, and we’ll do the rest. Dolphin comes up with a selection of color themes and you can adjust the intensity using the slider, from “muted” to “colorful.”

Jimdo makes color themes easy. With the help of artificial intelligence, you get exactly the right colors in optimal contrasts.

If you choose a theme, all elements such as buttons, fonts or background colors are automatically color-matched and harmonized. You can easily implement a color strategy and design your website in your brand colors—without investing your time in manually editing all your individual content.

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Optimize your images with filters

In addition to the colors you pick, you’ll want to give your website its own visual style. For example, you might choose smart, black and white images for your corporate website. Whereas I might want to make all my images rich and colourful—depending on the mood I want to set for my visitors. Our new image filters make it easy to adjust your photos straight from your website to complete the look of your website. 

The filters are also handy to give your website a consistent visual style and get the professional look you want. By using the same filter you can easily match the look of photos from different sources and align your own pictures with stock images. 


The image filters make it easy to match your own photos with stock images.

Even more design options—thanks to your feedback!

In the last few weeks, we’ve listened to your feedback and made some exciting changes. Several photographers and artists, for example, asked for the option to remove the color overlay from the background image. This makes sense because they often work with filters as professionals.

So, we want to say thanks! And let you know that we’ve used your feedback to make Dolphin even better.  To deactivate the overlay, simply remove the texts and buttons in the areas with the background image. The overlay disappears automatically and gives visitors an unfiltered view of your photo.

And while we’re on the topic of transparency, you can now make your navigation transparent. So your great background photos look even better.

Have you tried out the image filters and color themes yet? What color intensity did you choose? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Tara Santiago
Tara is a writer and editor for Jimdo. She works closely with our product teams on marketing and user experience. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling, filling in The Guardian crossword or buried in a book.