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Get Your Online Shop Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Online Shop Ready for the Holidays

If you have an online store, you know it’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season. Well, maybe March would be too early... But with Christmas shoppers starting earlier every year, and Christmas decorations appearing next to Halloween candy in many stores, now is actually the perfect time to get your store in the Christmas spirit.


Whether you’re a seasoned salesperson or this is the first Christmas in your online shop, we’ve got the tips you need to get everything spruced up for the holidays.

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Newer, Better, Faster Mobile Features

Great news Jimdo users! We have revamped our Jimdo app and added some great new features you will love, based on all your feedback.


Ever wanted to keep track of your shop orders while you're out? Change your password on mobile? Or didn't think you had enough time to add a blog post on the run? Not any longer—we have made it faster and more user-friendly to use our mobile app for those spare ten minutes on the way to the office.

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Create Better Calls to Action on Your Website

Want someone to buy your product? Or perhaps you want them to donate to your cause, contact you, or read more about your services? In any of these cases, you’ll need strong calls to action (CTAs) on your website...ones that people just can't resist clicking.

Create Calls to action on your website
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Meet Jimdo’s Newest Payment Method: Stripe

At Jimdo, we love helping your online businesses succeed. With so many savvy shop owners trusting Jimdo, we know how important it is for you to get paid quickly and with transparent transaction fees.

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The Secret to a Good Online Store? Ask a Jimdo User!

We write a lot about ecommerce on the blog, but the best information comes straight from our customers who are already running successful shops. After featuring some of them last week, we asked them to share some of their ecommerce secrets with us. And they kindly obliged!

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Shop Small at These 5 Jimdo Online Stores

Now that you’ve learned the twelve most essential tips to creating a successful online store, you’re ready to create or spruce up your own online shop.

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The 12 Tips of Christmas for Online Stores: Part 2

Last week we started a countdown of 12 store tips that can get you ready for a successful holiday shopping season in no time. We started with your store setup and customer service tips, and today we’ll continue with promotion and sales.

Holiday tips for ecommerce
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The 12 Tips of Christmas for Online Stores: Part 1

The countdown to Christmas has begun! If it feels like it’s still too soon to start singing Christmas songs and putting on the yule log, just remember that an estimated 40% of consumers start doing their shopping before Halloween (yes, some people are really that organized...)

Get your ecommerce store ready for the holidays
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Legal Essentials for Starting an Online Store

Today's post is from Leah Hamilton at TermsFeed! This information is meant for general guidance— if you need specific legal advice, we recommend consulting directly with a professional.


When you’re starting an online business, there’s a lot to think about—everything from the packaging for your amazing products to the design of your product pages. Do you also have the legal aspects sorted out? Making sure you check all the boxes and have all the right forms might not seem as fun, but it’s an essential part of running a business, and keeping your customers happy.

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Jimdo Tip: Improve Your Online Store with Product Pages

If you make or sell your own products online, you’re often faced with a particular challenge. You believe in your product and know that it’s great. You may even be looking at a stack of them on your kitchen table right now. But what’s the best way to translate what you have in your hands into something that people will want to buy, sight-unseen, online? How do you communicate all the best features so that people will click that wonderful “Buy” button?

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